Around the League (In 670 word or less)

Bobby Sansone, Senior Writer

November 07, 2004

Aceto Gets his (Tatum) Bell Rung

Who the hell is Tatum Bell? How does Tatum Bell get traded for Isaac Bruce AND a second round draft pick?????? Am I missing something? Is Bell more than the Broncos 3rd running back? How is he any different than LaBrandon Toefield? I'm convinced I forgot to TiVo Sports Century: Tatum Bell or something. I kept refreshing to see if Jon put that trade up as a joke. 321 clicks later and "Bruce Traded to Contender" was still there. Seriously though, I know I'm the Rupert Murdoch of the league and control 99.9% of the YFFL's media but someone fill me on how Tatum Bell is deserved of his own email notifying the league of his trade availability? And why was he "all of a sudden" made available? Didn't the Huskers just lose Griffin for the season? Realizing that Bell wasn't going anywhere but straight to the Broncos practice squad, [Kev] Sansone hyped him up in a mass email (which most of us immediately deleted) and waited patiently for someone to fall for his trap.

How is this trade not voided by the Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner? If Bruce and Griese for a 2nd round draft pick gets voided two years ago, how does this trade NOT get voided? Granted, I was on top of the YFFL at that point and a few owners feared that I was getting too powerful so the trade was likely voided with good reason.

I'll give some credit to Aceto. He traded Bruce at the right time. He had a monster first half of the season and there was no way he was going to keep gaining 100 yards week after week. Bruce had to be moved when he was. But for Tatum Bell??? Isn't Bell just going to be on the Broncos practice squad next year? I feel like Aceto could have traded him to the Merry Men for Nate Burleson or another young player with upside. Fortunately for the Refugees, Aceto still has Anthony Thomas…oh wait a minute.

YFFL Investigating Possible Voting Fraud

After an astronomical 16 votes were placed last week in response to the YFFL poll question, Commissioner Kinsman has launched a formal investigation to see exactly what owners were casting more than one ballot. He is believed to be questioning his own Deputy Commissioner Steve Dugas because the choice "Alexander/McAllister" received an absurd 3 votes. Commissioner Kinsman was reluctant to talk about the on-going investigation but indicated that all avenues were being pursued and legal action will be taken against the culprits.

Buddies To Start YFFL Owner Steve Dugas This Weekend

In what is believed to be a first, Merry Men owner Steve Dugas will suit up for the Buddies at TE and be inserted in the starting lineup when they take on the Bear Poop. Commissioner Kinsman has yet to place Steve Dugas in the official starting lineup but the Maine Supreme Court is expected to make a ruling by Saturday. originally reported that Poop owner Brian [Davidson] would start at kicker for the Buddies until it was noted that it is actually [Doug] Brien who will do the kicking for the Buddies. apologizes for any inconvenience.

Thugs Loss to Refugees Just the Tip of the Iceberg?

With four of their five remaining games against teams likely heading to the playoffs, last week's loss to the Refugees might have signaled the beginning of the end for the World Champion Market Thugs. Sansone was rumored to be in disbelief when the usually unreliable Josh McCown found Bryant Johnson in the back of the end zone for an unlikely source of 12 points. Later that night, Sansone was outraged when Tim Rattay was listed as the Emergency QB for the 49ers thus ending any hope for a victory over the Refugees. Sansone was puzzled as to how Rattay could manage to injure himself coming off a bye week. "I needed him for one lousy week all year and he can't even do that for this organization?" Sansone said he will re-evaluate his QB situation in the off-season.