The Crotchety Old Fan

Kevin Sansone, Senior Stat Boy

September 10, 2004

Aside from Christmas, summer movies, going to Yankees games, and reading the latest issue of TV Guide, there are few things I look forward to in life. But every year, I get pumped for two match-ups between my UCornn Huskers and Mike's Chunky Chickens. The Chickens are my biggest rival in the YFFL. Sure, I anticipate my yearly match-up with the Merry Men, and yes, I'm still investigating the Brothers over last year's Frerotte-gate incident. But who can say that the Huskers-Chickens is not the biggest rivalry in the league? This is a rivalry that once had both Mike and myself frantically searching the waiver wire for Tight Ends to fill out the roster before our first meeting in 2002. It's a rivalry with great head to head match-ups like Pennington vs. McNabb, Holmes vs. LT, Owens vs. Ward, and in 2004 it's...Lloyd vs. Barber?

Yes that's right, Lloyd vs. Barber. In Week 5, the Huskers and Chickens will meet for the first time this season. It is also the week when both Kansas City and Philadelphia are on byes. That means no Priest Holmes, no McNabb, and no Terrell Owens. All the fireworks that are expected between these two teams will be missing. I'm not saying scheduling should be reinvented to fix this, I'm just saying that the game is a little less exciting than usual. Maybe we should look at bye weeks when scheduling the season. It's sort of like when you go to your first baseball game in a long time and you can't wait to see your favorite player, Don Mattingly, and you show up at the stadium and find out he is not playing that day. I'm not bitter though. Oh well, there's always the last regular season game when these two teams meet up again...and bye weeks are a thing of the past.

Cheers and Jeers

Cheers to Chris Davidson for firing back concerning Kellen Winslow. I also said he was drafted too early, but I managed to slip under the radar in his press release.

Jeers to the PC movement concerning team names. The Gorilla Gooks are now the Asian Orangutangs. Our commissioner is looking towards a more child friendly league and even asked Steve not to n ame his expansion team the "Fighting Colored Ducks." The Fightin' Mallards was chosen instead.

Jeers to "Future Considerations." Suck it up and trade a draft pick for crying out loud.

Cheers to Jon for doing a great job with the website. I asked him yesterday for more nudity, but somehow I think my request will be denied.