I Love the 80's

Jon Kinsman, YFFL Commissioner

October 02, 2018

In a week full of fireworks, Brian Davidson's two teams combined to score an incredible 177 points as the Brothers and Poop both broke the 80-point barrier en route to Week 4 victories.

Bear Poop got out of the gates fast with 18 points from Cooper Kupp on Thursday night and kept piling it on Sunday afternoon. At one point, they had an unbelievable 88-0 lead on the hapless Buddies. While Patrick Mahomes and company came back to make it somewhat respectable, Poop's 11(!!) touchdowns were simply too much.

If that wasn't amazing enough, the Memphis Brothers did them one better, amassing 89 points behind 5 touchdowns from Jared Goff to down the Big Boys.

Both of Davidson's teams are now 2-2 and in the thick of the early playoff hunt.

Elsewhere around the league, big numbers were almost everywhere as 10 of the team's 16 teams teams scored 50 points or more. Mitchell Trubisky surprised everyone with a 6 TD performance that racked up 42 points (tied for 3rd all-time in a single game) as the Refugees outlasted the Eaters in a 74-66 slugfest, the White Guys remained undefeated and handed the Chickens their first loss of the season, and Alvin Kamara scored three times to lead the Orangutangs to a 54-48 win over the Merry Men to improve to 4-0.