2018 Mock Draft 2.0

Nick Wood, Backyard Sports Icon

August 24, 2018

Without a pick in the 1st Round of this year's draft, Chickens GM Nick Wood brings an unbiased opinion as he forecasts the opening round of the 2018 YFFL Draft.

1. Llamas

RB Saquon Barkley NYG

This is the obvious choice here, as Barkley is being touted as the RB star of the future. What little people remember is the Giants didn't do quite enough to improve their dreadful O-Line, so Gibby best hope he doesn't get too badly hurt. It is rumored that the Llamas owner has been spotted wearing a Barkley jersey on his family trip to Sturbridge Village, so that my have let the cat out of the bag anyhow.

2. Brothers

RB Royce Freeman DEN

My initial advice would be to trade the pick to the Mallards (if they had someone in mind) for their two later firsts or a player and a pick to another team. The Brothers have one stud player at WR and RB, but need depth. If a trade does not present itself, Bri will go with the RB with the biggest upside. They didn't take a Rolls Royce to sit behind two unreliable backs in DEN. Jon will likely be using a Rolls reference / photo for many website cover stories for years to come.

3. Huskers

RB Ronald Jones TB

This player seems like a great pick, considering he may play right away, but we all know that Mike Evans and the passing game will be more involved fantasy wise as they'll always be playing from behind since they're in the most difficult division in the NFL. Steve, how does this player remind people of Jamaal Charles? He's close to 40 lbs heavier and doesn't have the fantastic dreads. That all being said, Kevin's recent visit with the Shank brothers, who are rumored to be very high on anyone named "Ronnie", puts him over the top.

D.J. Moore
D.J. Moore is at the top of the receivers class and should be the first WR off the board

4. Thugs

WR D.J. Moore CAR

Bobby may stick with buying in on the Browns resurgence and select Chubb here, but he knows the uncertainty of running backs' long term impact. D.J. Moore is arguably the most NFL ready WR in the draft class and has the best opportunity to play right away. Moore makes the Thugs WR corps of Gordon and Watkins pretty formidable. I'm buying into Andrew Luck's return - the Colts defense is so bad, they'll be throwing the ball a ton and he'll at worst load up on garbage TDs, so no need to gamble with one of the QBs.

5. Buddies

QB Baker Mayfield CLE

Mike's known strategy is to simply take the player available who presents the biggest perceived future value. This would allow him to unload one of his other younger QBs in Watson or Mahomes, assuming Mahomes shows some sort of potential behind all of the hype, for a proven WR. This pick here may start a run on QBs, which is what many are hoping who don't have a need QB depth.

6. Bear

RB Nick Chubb CLE

Bri, please don't let your affinity for the Patriots force you to take Sony here, you're already loaded up with Patriots and ex Patriots. Chubb fills the RB need and if Cleveland does end up being legit in the next couple years, he'll provide you with a player locked into the lineup each week.

7. Orangutangs

WR Michael Gallup DAL

Speaking of owners who stick to certain teams for their players, Jon loves him some Cowboys. Not only does it check off the Cowboy box, but it adds some depth to his WR group. Jon knows that the shelf life of a WR is much longer than that of a RB.

8. Big Boys

TE George Kittle SF

Come on, this should be no surprise to anyone. Chris is the biggest fan of drafting TEs and this one should fit his criteria pretty well. Jimmy G will operate like his mentor does and rely heavily on his TE. Assuming Jimmy doesn't get too fascinated with dating washed up adult film stars, Kittle should have a strong season. Even with Eifert on the roster, his injury worries create a bit of a hole in a otherwise decent lineup. Chris could go down the QB route as he's spent the last few years deciding between two mediocre QBs each week. Darnold may hear his name called here as well.

Sam Darnold
Will Sam Darnold be the superstar quaterback the Jets have been looking for? One of these YFFL teams is hoping so.

9. Mallards

QB Sam Darnold NYJ

If Darnold falls this far, Steve is smart to snag him here with one of his two first round picks. You can never have too many potential franchise quarterbacks, even if that franchise is the Jets.

10. Dragons

RB Sony Michel NE

I agree with Steve's assessment of Michel going here to the Dragons. Jon has a gaping hole at the RB position now that Forte is finally done and 74 year old Gore is a senior citizen. Aaron Rodgers and the Dragons WR corps will put up points, so anything he gets from the often hot and cold Patriots fantasy players not named Brady or Gronk will help him win a couple extra games this year.

11. Merry Men

WR James Washington PIT

This pick will not only help add some talent to an otherwise bland WR group, but those weeks where Steve decides to give Big Ben the start, it will make for a solid pairing. Nothing fancy with this pick, but it will likely keep Steve from reaching too early for one of the remaining QBs on the board.

12. Beans

WR Calvin Ridley ATL

Sansone has to ignore his team's needs when making this first round pick and simply take the best player available.

Kerryon Johnson
Would Steve be able to resist the lure of another Lions player if Kerryon Johnson is available?

13. Mallards

RB Kerryon Johnson DET

The player named after luggage personally brought onto an airplane fits exactly what Steve wants: Lions players!

14. Refugees

QB Lamar Jackson BAL

I'm again agreeing with Steve on this one - Aceto's quarterback situation is not promising at this point. It's time to take another flyer and hope that one finally pans out.

15. Eaters

TE Trey Burton CHI

Not many are mentioning this name, but Kurt knows the potential value here. Having a semi-consistent scorer at the TE position helps further tighten up this lineup. Penny or Christian Kirk may also hear their name called at this point. It's very difficult to accurately predict the likelihood of success at the back half of the first round of the draft.

16. White Guys

WR Courtland Sutton DEN

Aceto's lineup looks to have very few holes outside of a franchise QB, so taking a flier on Rosen may be a good choice here, but I think it's best for him to continue to add depth.