Fact or Fiction: Preseason Edition

Bobby & Kevin Sansone, Senior Argumentative Analysts

August 23, 2004

Fact or Fiction, the Mallards are playing for the first pick in next year's draft this season.

Kevin: Fiction. Sort of. While the Mallards aren't playing for the first pick next year, they certainly aren't playing for the 16th pick either. The biggest need is a starting QB and WR, but expect them to draft 2-3 running backs during the draft. While drafting a top rookie running back would undoubtedly strengthen the backfield, it would also make them the most one-dimensional team in the league. Even my Llamas won six games last year and I fielded Jerome Bettis as the only running back all season.

Bobby: Fiction. While the Mallards join the Llamas and the Refugees as teams with absolutely no chance of making the playoffs this season, there is hope that McGahee and the No. 2 draft pick can lead the lowly Mallards to 3 or 4 victories. The Mallards also play in the YFFL's worst division which should account for an extra victory or two.

Fact or Fiction, Emmitt Smith should be left off the Eaters roster this year.

Kevin: Fact. Chris Davidson should include Smith on the cut list this year and let another owner (or the waiver wire) deal with his 36-yard performances each week. His job as starting RB for the Cardinals should end by week 4 or 5, making room for Damien Anderson to take over until Marcel Shipp returns next season. The Eaters should use the third draft pick to select Kevin Jones, Steven Jackson, or Julius Jones. The emergence of Matt Hasselbeck makes the Eaters one of the few teams with an early round pick that doesn't need to select Eli Manning. It's time to part ways with the Hall of Famer and go to the new youth movement.

Bobby: Fiction. Although Emmitt Smith has almost no fantasy value anymore, the YFFL is too depleted to justify cutting a starting running back. While Smith won't see much playing time with the favorites in the AFC, he will provide that much needed leadership on the Eaters bench. Smith's presence will be a tremendous help to Brian Westbrook and Chris Brown.

Fact or Fiction, Anthony Aceto has been the most disappointing owner of the last few seasons.

Kevin: Fiction. Anthony Aceto was the most disappointing owner of last season, but not the last few seasons. That distinction belonged to Bobby Sansone until last year's Super Bowl. I don't expect much out of the Refugees this year, but the White Guys could surprise some people (assuming Aaron Brooks plays well).

Bobby: Fiction. Chris Davidson has been the most disappointing owner over the last few seasons. His teams haven't been competitive in quite some time although that will change this year as the Apple Eaters should be the team to beat in the AFC. Aceto hasn't had much success but he is one of the more active owners in the league and is always on the phone looking to wheel and deal.

Fact or Fiction, this is finally the year the Buddies put it all together.

Kevin: Fact. If the Buddies don't win the West division this year I will be shocked. They have the best WR tandem in Moss and Holt, have a solid group of running backs, and are led by Michael Vick. Lee Suggs should emerge as the Browns premier running back over William Green, and Corey Dillon should have a good year for New England. I see no reason why this team can't win 10 games. Oh yeah, and the #6 draft pick doesn't hurt either.

Bobby: Fiction. The Buddies are cursed so don't expect them to make the playoffs even though they have the talent to win the Super Bowl. Something will go wrong, you can almost count on it. Also, no one knows for certain what kind of fantasy player Michael Vick truly is. Can he put up 12 to 20 points on a consistent basis? Lee Suggs emergence makes this team a contender once again but if they don't make the playoffs, look for Mike to dismantle the Buddies in the off-season.

Fact or Fiction, Tom Brady is the odd-man-out on Bear Poop.

Kevin: Fact. Brian Davidson would be stupid not to start Bulger week in and week out for the Poop. Steve McNair makes a solid backup for this team, leaving Tom Brady out in the cold. The Poop should consider trading Brady to the Refugees or the Mallards as they are the teams with the strongest need for a quarterback.

Bobby: Fiction. Marc Bulger is the odd man out on the Bear Poop. If the asking price is right, Bulger could be traded as soon as this year's draft. McNair will start for the Poop and Brady will be the back-up. These two guys are two of Davidson's favorite football players so he will be reluctant to get rid of either of them.

Fact or Fiction, no QB will be a Top 5 pick in the 2004 Draft.

Kevin: Fiction. The Refugees will draft Eli Manning with the #1 pick, only to be forced by the Manning family to trade his rights to the White Guys.

Bobby: Fiction. Manning will go either one or two overall. The Refugees could draft him but they need immediate help in the backfield, as they have no starting RBs. If Kerry Collins wins the Raiders QB battle, Aceto will likely take a RB first overall. The Mallards have expressed interest in Manning but will Steve be able to overcome his massive hatred for the Manning family? If he can't, expect Manning to fall to 5th overall to the Boys.