2016 Award Results

Jon Kinsman, YFFL Commissioner

December 20, 2016

Most Valuable Player

In one of the closest votes in MVP history, Aaron Rodgers edged rookie phenom Ezekiel Elliott for the 2016 honor. It was a year of 3's for Rodgers, as this marks his third MVP award, the third time he has topped 200 points in a season, and the third consecutive division title for the Dragons. Despite many critics questioning his real life performance for much of the season, Rodgers continued to put up fantasy numbers all year thanks to the Packers reliance on the passing game. With a down year from DeAndre Hopkins, an injured Keenan Allen and a dynamic duo of Frank Gore and Matt Forte that faded down the stretch, the Dragons leaned heavily on Rodgers to win 6 of their final 7 games to fend off the Mallards and Boys in the hotly contested NFC East.

Aaron Rodgers 2 6 1 19
Ezekiel Elliott 3 3 3 18
Drew Brees 3 0 2 11
David Johnson 2 0 1 7
Melvin Gordon 1 1 0 5
Matt Ryan 0 1 1 3
DeMarco Murray 0 0 2 2
Tom Brady 0 0 1 1
Mike Evans 0 0 0 0
Antonio Brown 0 0 0 0

Rookie of the Year

If there was ever a slam dunk, no-doubt-about-it awards category, this was it. Ezekiel Elliott was the unanimous winner of the 2016 YFFL Rookie of the Year award after posting a rookie RB record of 132 points (besting Adrian Peterson's 110 points in 2007) and returning the Chickens to their past glory after garnering the league's worst record last season. In what many were saying was a "down year" for the draft, everyone could agree that Elliott was a star in the making. Running behind a vaunted Cowboys offensive line, Zeke never gained less than 80 yards on the ground after his opening game and scored multiple touchdowns in a single game four times over the course of the season.

Ezekiel Elliott 11 0 0 33
Dak Prescott 0 10 1 21
Michael Thomas 0 1 5 7
Jordan Howard 0 0 5 5
Sterling Shepard 0 0 0 0
Rob Kelley 0 0 0 0

Macor Misa

Sometimes it takes just one game to leave your mark on history. Nobody will forget the mark that Dwayne Allen left on the 2016 season, least of all Merry Men owner Steve Dugas. With a big lead heading into the final Monday night game of the YFFL regular season and with a Wild Card spot hanging in the balance, the Merry Men were making plans for Week 14 until Andrew Luck and most notably, Dwayne Allen, entered the scene. Allen caught three first half touchdowns, his first since Week 5 (a span that saw him total just 73 yards) and in a blink of an eye (and lots of text messages), it was all over for Steve and the Merry Men. Allen went back into obscurity (just 1 catch for 13 yards over his next 2 games) and Steve was left wondering what happened.

Dwayne Allen 4 2 1 17
Melvin Gordon 2 4 0 14
Tyrell Williams 4 0 1 13
Terrelle Pryor 1 2 2 9
Christine Michael 0 2 2 6
Jay Ajayi 0 1 3 5
Michael Crabtree 0 0 2 2
Cole Beasley 0 0 0 0

Owner of the Year

In yet another close vote, Kevin Sansone edged Jon Kinsman for Owner of the Year honors by a single point. Kevin and GM Ryan Gibbons guided the Llamas to a 11-2 record (including the first team to go a perfect 10-0 within the conference) as they finally lived up to the hype that many were bestowing upon them last season. With a roster full of talented young players, this could be just the beginning of something special for this team. Meanwhile, the Huskers didn't so much lose out on a playoff spot, but simply ran out of time in securing one. Winners of their last 5 games, the Huskers endured a miserable season from Russell Wilson (6 points or fewer in eight[!!] of his starts) to still finish 8-5 and a game out of the playoffs.

Kevin Sansone 4 5 2 24
Jon Kinsman 6 2 1 23
Chris Davidson 1 3 5 14
Steve Dugas 0 1 3 5
Mike Kinsman 0 0 0 0