Fact or Fiction: Two Weeks in a Row is a Streak, Right? Edition

Ryan Gibbons & Kurt Willette, Middle Management

December 09, 2016

With the playoffs upon us, Kurt and Ryan are back to separate fact from fiction about Steve's real disappointment after Week 13, Anthony's under-the-radar season and just who should win Owner of the Year this season.

Steve Smalley "The Merry Men are good enough, they're smart enough, and doggone it, people RESPECT them!"

Steve was more upset about the Merry Men missing the Stupor Bowl playoffs than the actual playoffs.

Kurt: FACT. Steve undoubtedly was heartbroken with the Dwayne Allen 3 TD score game, but the Beans losing to the Brothers was clearly more crushing to Steve as that knocked him out of his chance to go after the #1 pick. If there was any doubt on which was more upsetting, just listen to Steve gush about the Stupor Bowl in the most recent podcast. Also, how unlucky can one guy be against the Thugs? Not only this Dwayne Allen miracle performance, but last year he had a ridiculous loss to the Thugs when Jaelen Strong scored 14 points in Week 5 - those 14 points are the only points Jalean has scored...ever.

Ryan: FACT. I've never heard anyone be so excited about a consolation prize in my life. It's like being more excited about the play-in games than the Final Four. I'm thinking Steve has just taken such a beating from Mike over the years that he doesn't think he's worthy of the actual playoffs. Well Steve, I have a message for you. You ARE good enough buddy, your team just sucks.

Aceto is having a down year in YFFL publicity.

Kurt: FACT. Aceto had 2 of the worst teams in the YFFL this year and as a result, no one was talking about his teams. Although one could argue he could start his own podcast and spend 30 minutes every week talking up his teams. That said, it will be interesting to see which team bounces back first - the Refugees or the White Guys? Actually, scratch that. I'd rather spend that time debating who will win this year's North American Wife Carrying Championship, which I hear Steve has entered. Good luck Steve, I'll be pulling for you to win something this year.

Ryan: FICTION. Aceto is having a great year in YFFL publicity because his upper-decked toilet of a season for both his franchises has gone unnoticed, which has to be a win. Lucky for him the circus that is the Buddies has taken most of the heat thanks to Mike's innovative no-QB approach for half the season. To be fair though, I don't think that the Fitzpatrick-Siemian-Bradford-Smith superfecta is that much better. Side note: Kurt, did I use superfecta right?

Kevin Sansone Kevin Sansone's steady hand and inspired guidance led the Llamas to a 11-2 record this season.

Owner of the Year should go to the owner with the most wins.

Kurt: FICTION. Sorry Gibbs, I know Kevin won't like this, given he already lobbied for himself for every award this year. It kind of reminds me of that scene in A Christmas Story where the little brother thinks every present is his because he simply doesn't know any better. You need to take credit for this team. Are you a flunky allowing Kevin to prosper off of your blood, sweat, and tears? Or did you individually orchestrate one of the most talented teams by your own will? Regardless, championships matter, not wins, and Jon put 2 teams in contention for a championship this year and is deserving of the award.

Ryan: FACT. Kev's the best owner in the league.

OK, is he gone? Look, do I think that Kevin should get credit for the season the Llamas put up? Not really. Mainly we just let him give a speech in the locker room after we win so that he keeps signing our checks. To his credit though, he does have the occasional stroke of genius, like grabbing R. Kelley. Mostly though, I politely listen to his suggestions and then go about my day as if nothing happened. Anyway, I'm glad he'll never read this.

The Brothers are headed for a Buddies-like rebuild.

Kurt: FICTION. I say fiction because the Buddies made some savvy moves that could allow them to rebuild significantly more quickly than previously anticipated. Armed with 2 high draft picks next year, Mike can rebuild through the draft or flip one or more of those picks for an established player. Bri on the other hand has a roster full of aging veterans or guys who can't stop cramming burgers down their throats (see Eddie Lacy). The Brothers rebuild could get ugly. Hopefully he can flip some of those veterans for some picks or younger talent.

Ryan: FACT. I say fact for sort of similar reasons to Kurt in that I think they are in for similar schedules on the rebuild for different reasons. Mike's picks in this loaded draft should set him up, but he has way more holes in the roster. Bri has more talent on the roster, both in the Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Challenge (see Eddie Lacy) and on the football field. HOWEVER, Mike seems more willing to make a deal, while Bri spends a large portion of the season in areas with very little internet connectivity, let alone indoor plumbing. I guess what I'm saying is I have no idea how quickly these guys can rebuild but it'll probably go better than the Beans.