Fact or Fiction: Seems Like Old Times Edition

Ryan Gibbons & Kurt Willette, Middle Management

December 01, 2016

It's been 99 days since Kurt and Nick published Over/Under, and after an intense round of counseling and soul searching, Ryan is ready to try to make this relationship work again. He re-teams with Kurt to run down some of the YFFL's most pressing issues as we head into the final week of the season.

Film Room Rumor has it that if Steve doesn't make the playoffs this week, he'll turn Warren Turner's old house into a state of the art film facility

Over/Under is a low rent ripoff of Fact or Fiction.

Ryan: FACT, obviously. It took me the entire season to get over the betrayal of Over/Under, but Kurt and I are back with the good stuff just in time for the playoffs. Nick, the next time you try to butt into my territory, it's gonna be like the time I tried to join a Kurt-Bri Dirobbio freestyle - some stuttering, some blank stares and a lot of tears.

Kurt: FICTION. Erroneous, much like how The Monkees weren't a ripoff of the Beatles - they weren't about music - they were about about rebellion...about political and social upheaval! Over/Under was not a ripoff of Fact or Fiction, but rather a nuanced parody riddled with wit and subtle jabs at the establishment power brokers within the YFFL.

Steve likes fantasy football.

Ryan: FICTION. Steve likes the draft, and he likes wearing Lions jerseys, but I don't think he likes fantasy football. Sure, he spends more time obsessing over lineups and 4th string TEs than most head coaches not named Belichick, but where's the joy? If the Merry Men or Mallards somehow win a title out of this year's stacked field, Steve will probably quietly nod to himself in a dark room, breathe a sigh of relief, and stay up until New Year's looking at 2017 combine predictions.

Kurt: FACT. Although it is fair to ask how could anyone like fantasy football after being as unlucky as Steve? After the Mallards lose in tragic fashion this week and the Merry Men are also eliminated, Steve will throw himself into next year's season by becoming a recluse holed up in his basement watching nonstop college football film in order to prepare for next year's draft. Don't be shocked to see his first mock draft while this year's YFFL playoffs are still going on.

The Llamas and Chickens will meet in the Super Bowl.

Ryan: FICTION. But only because there are 2 other super teams in the Dragons and Eaters also in the field. All four squads have multiple Pro Bowl and MVP candidates, and can win in a shootout against anyone, including each other. In addition to the top seeds, if the Bear or Tangs can get into the playoffs, they could also make some noise. (Note: The Merry Men cannot make noise)

Kurt: FACT. These 2 teams are historic and as much as I'd like to say the Eaters will topple the Llamas, if I were a betting man, I would put my money on these 2 teams meeting in the finals. Neither has any glaring weaknesses with no more bye weeks. I predict the Chickens cap off a phenomenal season and will be raising the trophy when its all said and done. (Heaping praise on the competition to curse them is a real thing right?)

Guantanamo Bay Prisoner A new podcast episode is out! Bring him to the listening room, boys! I hear it was boating weather in Texas this weekend! Hahaha!!

The Llamas have been ignored by the mainstream YFFL media

Ryan: FACT. Kurt will disagree but whatever, since we're approaching Festivus I'll use this as my airing of grievances. After a disappointing 2015 that saw many YFFL pundits with egg on their faces after backing the Llamas, I understand the hesitancy. But guys, come on now. The Llamas have won week in and week out, with nary a Player of the Week to show for it, and only a passing reference on the YFFL podcast, sandwiched between the MeUndies promo spot and yet another segment on how awful the Beans are. Hey guys, maybe instead of 14 minutes on how Texas is hot and Maine is cold, you spend part of that time on one of the greatest regular seasons since the 2016 Chickens? *end rant*

Kurt: FACT. Although Gibbs viciously attacked me and assumed I would say fiction, he's right on this one. Frankly, the YFFL media (which is 90% Steve and Bobby) has ignored this team, as they have every team not named the Merry Men, Mallards, Beans or Thugs. I'd say the podcast is insufferable, but I still tune in. Next week's Fact or Fiction: what is more unbearable - an hour of the podcast or an hour of CSPAN? Rumor has it the CIA subscribes to the podcast and routinely tortures prisoners at Guantanamo Bay by playing it endlessly.

Ezekiel Elliott is the YFFL Rookie of the Year and MVP

Ryan: FICTION. I think he loses one award to his Cowboys teammate and one to his Chickens teammate, although it's close. I think Dak Prescott has to be the ROY for elevating not only his real-life team, but also the O'tang Jacksons (is that good? I thought it was good but now I don't think so) to the verge of the playoffs. Let's face it, Jon can start a dozen Cowboys mostly because Dak has been so good. As for the MVP, I think he loses this one to Drew Brees. The Chickens have turned a lot of garbage into gold but Drew Brees is still the engine that makes the odd 3-wheeled hot rod from 1978 that is the Chunky Chickens go 200 mph each week. Aren't we supposed to be done with the Chickens???

Kurt: FACT. All you need to do is look at the Chickens last year and then this year and ask yourselves what has changed? Drew Brees has had an outstanding year no doubt, however, what Zeke has meant to this Chickens team and their transformation this year makes him the MVP. I just don't see them contending without him. Furthermore, RB output is significantly harder to find production in.