2015 Preseason Poll

Steve Dugas, Draft Guru

September 10, 2015

The YFFL season kicks off tonight! For the second straight season, the YFFL owners and general managers were asked to pick their playoff teams, Super Bowl contenders, award winners and a few other categories as we head into the season. Here are the results:

Regular Season

Steve Llamas Merry Men Orangutangs Dragons Chickens Mallards
Kevin Llamas Merry Men Orangutangs Mallards Chickens Brothers
Jon Orangutangs Merry Men Llamas Dragons Brothers Chickens
Kurt Llamas Merry Men Eaters Dragons Brothers Chickens
Chris Llamas Merry Men Orangutangs Dragons Brothers Chickens
Anthony Orangutangs Merry Men Eaters Dragons Brothers Mallards
Bobby Llamas Merry Men Eaters Mallards Chickens Dragons
Nick Orangutangs Eaters Llamas Dragons Chickens Brothers
Mike Poop Buddies Llamas Dragons Chickens Mallards
Ryan Orangutangs Merry Men Llamas Dragons Brothers Chickens


AFC Champ NFC Champ YFFL Champ
Steve Llamas Mallards Llamas
Kevin Llamas Chickens Chickens
Jon Merry Men Brothers Brothers
Kurt Llamas Brothers Llamas
Chris Llamas Brothers Llamas
Anthony Merry Men Brothers Merry Men
Bobby Llamas Mallards Llamas
Nick Eaters Brothers Brothers
Mike Poop Chickens Chickens
Ryan Merry Men Dragons Dragons


Most Valuable Player Rookie of the Year
Steve Dez Bryant Amari Cooper
Kevin Andrew Luck Nelson Agholor
Jon Eddie Lacey Marcus Mariota
Kurt Andrew Luck Marcus Mariota
Chris Andrew Luck Amari Cooper
Anthony Matt Ryan Amari Cooper
Bobby Jordan Matthews Ameer Abdullah
Nick Jamaal Charles Amari Cooper
Mike Steve's Mom Gus the Dog
Ryan Aaron Rodgers Amari Cooper

Prop Bets

Owner with Most Wins Team with Most Points Contender That Will Disappoint Team That Will Be Better Than Expected Team That Earns #1 Pick
Steve Jon Llamas Brothers Beans Buddies
Kevin Steve Llamas Dragons Boys White Guys
Jon Steve Brothers Eaters Beans Huskers
Kurt Jon Brothers Thugs White Guys Buddies
Chris Jon Llamas Mallards Brothers Poop
Anthony Jon Merry Men Chickens White Guys Poop
Bobby Steve Llamas Thugs Beans Boys
Nick Jon Dragons Mallards Brothers Poop
Mike Kinsman Chickens Brothers Orangutangs Refugees
Ryan Jon Llamas Llamas Beans Buddies