Fact or Fiction: 2015 Preseason Edition

Ryan Gibbons & Kurt Willette, Middle Management

August 27, 2015

In an attempt to prevent Steve "King of All YFFL Media" Dugas from writing the entire preseason narrative, YFFL GM's Ryan Gibbons and Kurt Willette are back with their first Fact or Fiction of the 2015 season.

Donuts for Doorstops The Llamas: Trading Donuts for Doorstops Since 2012

The Llamas will finish with a better record than the Eaters.

Kurt: FICTION. The Llamas are better on paper but are destined for collapse. It's only a matter of time before Nick executes Bart Simpson-like trade tactics to swindle Gibbs out of his best players.

Ryan: FACT! All hail the Llamas! In reality I'm a little nervous about the Llamas hype train because I think it could all go sideways, but then I realized the hype train is being driven solely by Steve, who mentions the team as a Super Bowl favorite in every other one of his 37 preseason stories. I'm guessing the rest of the league doesn't even know what a Llama is.

Steve has gone off the deep end.

Kurt: FACT. Steve's slowly turning into a recluse spending 20 hours a day in his basement devoted to fantasy football and developing diabolical mock drafts in an effort to manipulate the draft in his favor. He's the fantasy football version of A Beautiful Mind.

Ryan: FACT. I was getting a little worried when he was pumping out mock drafts like Mel Kiper based on who knows what kind of additional analysis, but when I heard he's launched a podcast with Bob for an audience of AT MOST eleven people (maybe 14 if he forces Becky and the girls to listen), I thought about staging an intervention. Nick offered to set it up, but unfortunately he wanted Steve's minivan, gravel pit, and Lions jerseys in return. He's already in midseason form.

Ty Montgomery (Yarmouth) > Ty Montgomery (NFL).

Kurt: FACT? Is this a real question? Ty Montgomery from Yarmouth was best known for being the nicest guy you knew. Ty Montgomery of the Green Bay Packers is known for potentially being the next Eddie Royal. No offense to either Ty Montgomery, but this question is about as captivating as debating your favorite Little River Band song.

Ryan: FACT. I'll have you know that Little River Band is considered to be one of Australia's most significant bands, and the Australasian Performing Right Association named "Cool Change" one of the top 30 Australian songs of all time, so I find the question very captivating. Anyway, Ty Montgomery from Yarmouth has less upside in the NFL but more upside as a teacher in Japan, so I'll take him.

Steve on Rotoworld Use promo code BEARCLAW to unlock YFFLWorld's 2015 Draft Guide

Rotoworld is ruining Kevin's life.

Kurt: FICTION. Rotoworld is ruining Steve's life. As far as I can tell, Kevin isn't afraid of natural sunlight and he isn't subsisting off Cliff Bars and Doritos with a catheter strapped in so he doesn't have to leave his computer screen.

Ryan: FICTION. Only because I think it's one of the few joys he has in this world, other than UConn Women's basketball and special cups for his Moscow Mules. Rotoworld better watch out though - Steve is 2 months away from launching the only fantasy site dedicated to a particular fantasy league. My guess is the trend will be sweeping the nation by the 2050's at the latest.

Bob will blow the Beans pick yet again.

Kurt: FACT. That is, unless he drafts another receiver, because outside of that position on his roster, you're looking at the aftermath of Steve's Cliff Bar and Doritos diet. That's the rub: this team desperately needs QB help and history tells us 1 of the top 2 picks of the NFL draft is going to be a bust when they're both QBs. Remember the Peyton Manning and Ryan Leaf debate? Tim Couch and Donovan McNabb? Or more recently Andrew Luck and RG3? No pressure Bobby.

Ryan: FACT. Whoever he drafts better save their game checks because unfortunately there's no surer way to have your career be a disappointment than being drafted by the Beans.