2015 AFC East Preview

Steve Dugas, Draft Guru

August 25, 2015

Team Previews

Kevin and Ryan Everything has been proceeding as Kevin and Ryan have foreseen for the 2015 Hoochie Llamas

Hoochie Llamas: 9-4

The way the cookie crumbles for this team is amazing. Let's just call them the Bizzaro Memphis Brothers. The entire offseason broke perfectly for them - let's recap: Murray leaves one dominant running team and joins another, Randle gets elevated to starter for Dallas, Bell gets his suspension reduced, Maclin leaves Philly leaving Matthews as the top dog, Bridgewater gets AP back, Nelson blows his knee out and Adams rises to starter, and finally the Beans are likely going to have to take a QB over Gurley, leaving the Llamas to snatch one of the top 2 RBs. If the guys on this team play to even 80% of what's expected of them, this team will represent a weak AFC in the Super Bowl.

Asian Orangutangs: 9-4

The 2014 champs will be back in contention in 2015 and should easily lock up at least the Wild Card in the AFC. However, to get past the Llamas they will likely need to win their head-to-head games. All the Cowboys will be back, which should lead to some monster weeks and with an even healthier roster to start the season, this team might be better than the one that won the title.

Cuban Refugees: 5-8

The Refugees are going to have a tough time meeting their league mandated 7-6 record this season and will likely need a few breaks to go their way. Losing Benjamin for the year was a big blow and Kaepernick doesn't look all that improved thus far in the preseason. Aceto is left with lots of holes to fill and some tough choices ahead. Golden Tate is now their only serviceable WR, so should they be looking to take a WR with the #9 pick or do they take a chance on Winston if he drops that far? Trading Kelce could bring in a starter at another position or he could think about capitalizing on Gronk's value being at an all-time high. What happens draft night could go a long way to determining if this team is in the NCAA playoffs or settles for the NIT. One exciting thing the Refugees have to look forward to is their home opener in Week 2 where MJD, the leading non-kicking scorer in team history, will have his jersey retired.

Bear Poop: 3-10

2015 could get ugly fast for the Bear. They could probably cut 9 players and not miss any of them. Brady, Hilton, and Morris would all really need to have monster years to get this team to have a 6 or 7 win season. Some hope is on the way; picking right after the Brothers should allow Bri to slip a decent RB or a really good WR to the Bear to start the rebuilding process. Bri has also never been afraid to swing a deal; perhaps he has something up his sleeve that combined with the good first round pick will give this team a shot at the Wild Card. This season is likely to be a struggle, but the team will really benefit from cleaning house and bringing in fresh faces.

Division Superlatives

Dez Bryant

Division Non QB MVP: Dez Bryant

Bryant just barely wins this preseason award as Bell is suspended the first couple games of the season. Bryant was dominant last year and is poised to be so again this year. Combining him with Romo on one YFFL team gives the 'Tangs a shot at a blowout win every week.

Teddy Bridgewater

Most Underrated: Teddy Bridgewater

Most people, myself included, think Gibby was crazy to deal Tannehill last season, but the doubters are being proven wrong. Bridgewater is in total command of a pretty good offense. While he likely will have very few weeks where he breaks 20, he shouldn't have too many weeks where he scores less than 12. A consistent QB that you can count on can go a long ways.

Julian Edleman

Most Overrated: Julian Edelman

The guy is PPR gold but he is far from a force when it comes to the YFFL scoring format. He followed up a 22 point season with a 38, not exactly breaking any records. He could always have a big TD season out of the blue like Welker did a couple years ago, but it would be an aberration. (Editor's Note: Edelman's YouTube videos are amazing)

Allen Robinson

Breakthrough Player: Allen Robinson

Robinson has been building buzz all offseason and by all accounts he has been uncoverable. Someone on this Jags team has to step up and put up some numbers and Robinson is likely to be the guy that starts to turn that team around.

All-Division Team

QBTony RomoOrangutangs
RBDemarco MurrayLlamas
RB/WRLeVeon BellLlamas
WRDez BryantOrangutangs
WRJordan MatthewsLlamas
TERob GronkowskiRefugees
KDan BaileyOrangutangs
UTLeGarrette BlountRefugees