2015 NFC East Preview

Steve Dugas, Draft Guru

August 20, 2015

Team Previews

Matt Ryan What a Tease: Matt Ryan and the Mallards have looked good on paper, but back-to-back 5-win seasons have proved otherwise. Can they put it together in 2015?

Fightin' Mallards: 8-5

Just like the Red Sox, the Mallards look like contenders year-in and year-out, but by the time the leaves have changed, the roster is in turmoil, the fan base is upset, and ownership is freaking out and ready to make an overreactive move that will ruin the future as well. The Mallards will enter 2015 with a formidable starting lineup that should be bolstered by the #6 pick in the draft. This team will battle with the Dragons all year long to win the division, but if they want to compete for the YFFL title, they will need someone other than Johnson, Hill, or Evans to break out. I think they will ultimately win the division, but it will be by the skin of their bills.

Snapdragons: 8-5

The oldest team in the history of fantasy sports will continue to compete for a division title in 2015 so long as Aaron Rodgers is starting for them. Rodgers and a couple of other QBs have been so good that the league's owners had to contemplate a rule change to make TDs less valuable. If Gore and Forte can hang in there for one more year the Dragons will give the Mallards a heck of a run. A sober, married, law abiding Big Ben also makes for a nice trade chip should some team find itself needing a QB later in the season.

White Guys: 7-6

The White Guys might be sneaky good this year. Bradford has the potential to be a monster (all together now: "if he stays healthy"), AP is coming back and should be fresh, and then add in that #2 pick and this team could fight for the Wild Card spot for a good chunk of the season. Of course, it's just as likely all the aging parts on this team run out of gas, Bradford gets hurt, and the next Trent Richardson is taken with the #2 pick and this team lands another top 3 pick. But as of this date, this team could be okay on paper.

Big Boys: 5-8

2014's Cinderella returns to Earth in 2015. The Boys managed to scrape together a winning record despite being outscored last season and being the 5th lowest scoring team in the league. Eli, Cooks, and Green should all be solid, but the rest of the roster is lacking and with a late draft pick there isn't much help on the way. The Boys had a great run last season and had the whole league behind them as they stormed to the Super Bowl, but it's just not going to be in the cards in 2015.

Division Superlatives

Calvin Johnson

Division Non QB MVP: Calvin Johnson

Johnson enters 2015 healthy, having gotten over a bum knee and an ankle ailment that derailed his 2014 season. When he did play, he was his usual dominant self. He should have no trouble having yet another 90+ point season as he leads the Mallards to the divisional title.

Lamar Miller

Most Underrated: Lamar Miller

Miller has to be one of the most overlooked players around. Nobody seems to want him when it comes time to draft, but he had a really good year last year with 66 YFFL points. He did that despite getting 16 touches or fewer every game - imagine if that was 20-22. While he may never be a star, he is a solid RB2, and that can be really hard to find.

C.J. Spiller

Most Overrated: C.J. Spiller

Spiller has done nothing but tease his entire career. He has loads of talent but can never stay on the field to show it. Perhaps 2015 changes things as he has the best coach at scheming players, but Spiller is already banged up and if he doesn't breakout this year at age 28, it's probably never coming.

DeAndre Hopkins

Breakthrough Player: DeAndre Hopkins

With Andre Johnson leaving town, Hopkins is now the man in Houston. He had a really good year last year but could possibly take the next step this year. The only question is, can the noodle arm QBs that he's got throwing him the ball get it to him? He had 66 points last year, but he's more than capable of 80-90.

All-Division Team

QBAaron RodgersDragons
RBJeremy HillMallards
RB/WRLamar MillerBoys
WRCalvin JohnsonMallards
WRMike EvansMallards
TETyler EifertBoys
KMatt PraterWhite Guys
UTAdrian PetersonWhite Guys