2015 Mock Draft 3.0

Steve Dugas, Draft Guru

August 18, 2015

After getting some game action in the books, we are starting to get some good buzz building around some players so we'll see some players moving up and down the big boards over the next couple weeks. Outside of Cooper and Gurley, I don't think any other player is a lock for top 5 status - anyone could crash the party.

Nelson Agholor That moment when you're told you'll have Sam Bradford throwing to you in real and fake life

1. Beans - QB Marcus Mariota (TEN)

Mariota is drawing rave reviews for his work on the practice field. The guy just gets it. He was finally picked off in the first pre-season game, but otherwise he was deadly accurate. The Beans have to take a shot on him.

2. White Guys - WR Nelson Agholor (PHI)

Agholor looked awesome during his debut and that was with Sanchez chucking the pigskin around. Situation and talent make Agholor a potential top 5 pick and pairing him up with Bradford would be what they call in the DFS format a "stack".

3. Llamas - RB Todd Gurley (STL)

If he's there, he's a Llama.

4. Merry Men - WR Amari Cooper (OAK)

The Merry Men should really be taking RBs back-to-back here, but I can't take on any more Lions and I don't want to be too dependent on the Broncos, so Abdullah and Anderson are out. That leaves Cooper as the best player available and the pick at #4.

5. Merry Men - RB Melvin Gordon (SD)

Gordon's lack of buzz is starting to give him the feel of a bust like almost every single Wisconsin RB before him. He could wind up being the guy that takes a tumble in the first round.

6. Mallards - RB CJ Anderson (DEN)

Jameis Winston Jameis Winston has been keeping close tabs on his draft stock by listening to Steve's daily YFFL podcast, "Stud Finder"

Assuming that ankle tweak doesn't open up the door for a teammate to steal his bell cow status, the Mallards will enter each match-up with an imposing duo of Hill and Anderson.

7. Brothers - QB Jameis Winston (TB)

Looking back, QBs almost always end up going during the first few picks or dropping into the teens. Bri doesn't make Winston suffer the same fate as he brings this character into the QB room.

8. Bear - RB Ameer Abdullah (DET)

Abdullah has had an outstanding start to his career and the hype train in screaming ahead and sparks are flying. Of all the players listed outside the top 5, he has the best chance to crash it. The Beans love him - I could see them trading down a few picks and grabbing him.

9. Refugees - RB TJ Yeldon (JAX)

With the QBs gone and TE and WR a strength, the Refugees grab the best RB available. Perhaps he will be as successful as MJD, the former Jaguar who is retiring off the roster this year.

10. Buddies - WR Philip Dorsett (IND)

After Dorsett's electric debut, his arrow is pointed straight up. I could see Mike pouncing on him or he could take a look at his roster and realize he's not competing for a title this year and take the long approach and grab Kevin White.

11. Eaters - RB Tevin Coleman (ATL)

The Eaters take Coleman because he pairs well with the other 13 RBs they have on the roster.

David Cobb Pro Tip: Avoid draft day embarrassment by selecting RB David Cobb of the Tennessee Titans and NOT 2004 Green Party presidential candidate David Cobb

12. Chickens - WR Kevin White (CHI)

Now that Kevin White is going to miss the first 7 weeks of the season and possibly the season, he is tumbling down dynasty draft boards. This is everyone's worst nightmare...that he drops all the way to the waiting Chickens.

13. Merry Men - WR DeVante Parker (MIA)

After listening to Mike laugh for the previous 10 minutes that he stole Dorsett, and then Nick do the same when he steals Kevin White, the Merry Men settle down and see that a gift has dropped into their laps...why it's Parker, the Julio Jones clone. What an excellent consolation prize.

14. Dragons - WR Breshad Perriman (BAL)

Jon is still locked in on Perriman.

15. Boys - WR Dorial Green-Beckham (TEN)

This guy is going to eventually start getting some buzz around him. He's a top 3 talent but hasn't played a game in nearly two years. Once the rust wears off, he could be a dominant talent to pair with AJ Green.

16. Llamas - RB David Cobb (TEN)

Under orders from Sith Lord Kevin, Gibby keeps piling up RBs in his arsenal that can be deployed when Murray's legs fall off from the 449 touches he got last year.