2014 Season Recap

Steve Dugas, Draft Guru

December 20, 2014

With both of his teams out of the playoffs, no snow to plow and Pam's Christmas present "Out for Delivery" from, Steve had plenty of time on his hands. What better way to fill it than with a 2400 word breakdown of the YFFL season!


Robert Griffin Washington may not have worked out for Griffin, but he'll have plenty of employers lined up for his services

What Went Right: Alshon Jeffery improved on his 2013 breakout season. Martellus Bennett had a big first half, but then cooled off when his NFL QB went in the tank. Kenny Stills emerged towards the end of the season as a viable starter.

What Went Wrong: Robert Griffin played horrible and lost his right to have a nickname. Frank Gore never went away, so Carlos Hyde never got an opportunity to show what he can do. Julio Jones had a great year but didn't find the end zone for two solid months.

Where Do We Go From Here: Looks like the Beans are going to be targeting a QB once again as Bobby holds the top spot in the draft for the 3rd time in 4 years. Marcus Mariota is expected to land in a decent situation with some solid targets. Bobby also has to be hoping that Carlos Hyde gets an opportunity in 2015 or he is going to be really disappointed that he chose a RB in the past draft when all the WRs that were taken in the top 7 are shaping up to be stars. The rebuild continues and the Beans still have other teams in their division that are better than they are.

2015 Lineup: Marcus Mariota, Hyde, Stills, Jeffery, Jones, Bennett, K, Jackson

White Guys

What Went Right: Brandon LaFell, whom everyone was surprised to see make the White Guys' opening day roster, busted out and scored 60 points from Week 4 on. Denard Robinson earned the starting RB job on the Jags and played well before an injury ended his season. Larry Donnell caught a bunch of TDs.

What Went Wrong: Everything else. Peterson only played one game while embroiled in a scandal that had the NFL pretending he didn't exist. Gio Bernard hurt his hip and got Wally Pipp-ed. The whole WR corps continued to show its age.

Where Do We Go From Here: This roster is in need of an overhaul. Some of the veterans on this team may have new homes by the time the next season rolls around. The next couple games are crucial for Johnny Manziel if he wants to QB this team next season. If he continues to play poorly, the White Guys will probably have to settle for Winston (if the Beans take Mariota). If Manziel gets the nod to start for the White Guys next year, they will likely grab Amari Cooper since this could be a long rebuild and WRs tend to have longer careers than RBs.

2015 Lineup: Manziel, Peterson, Bernard, Amari Cooper, White, Amaro, Prater, Fitzgerald


Teddy Bridgewater Teddy Bridgewater will compete in an off-season "Ladybugs" situation league, which the Llamas hope will get him re-acclimated to winning

What Went Right: Bell and Murray had monster years. They landed a bunch of good WRs in Landry, Matthews and Adams. Coby Fleener was usable. Snuck by the Merry Men by 13 points for 3rd pick in the draft.

What Went Wrong: Horrible QB played doomed them. With their RBs having years like those two did, this team should have been contending for the Wild Card until the last week.

Where Do We Go From Here: Things are looking up for the Llamas and they should threaten for their first playoff spot since 2010. Gibby has to be hoping the Steelers and Cowboys miss the playoffs so the workloads don't continue to build up for his stud RBs. All the Llamas WRs should take another step forward in 2015. All that's left to do is figure out if Bridgewater is the guy to captain the ship. If he is, the Llamas can sit back and take the best player available at next year's draft.

2015 Lineup: Bridgewater, Bell, Murray, Matthews, Landry, Fleener, K, Melvin Gordon

Merry Men

What Went Right: The Huskers tanked, thus completing the Ray Rice trade and giving the Merry Men the 5th pick in the draft. Maclin returned from an ACL tear to post 86 points. Demaryius Thomas and Gostowski had monster years. John Brown.

What Went Wrong: Stafford was horrific, scoring 6 or less 6 times en route to a career worse season. Ebron and Lee played like rookies. They had no RBs to count on for scoring. Always played John Brown on weeks he didn't score.

Where Do We Go From Here: Armed with the #4, #5 and #13 picks in a draft that should be deep at RB, the Merry Men should be able to fill that glaring hole in their lineup. Despite a torn ACL, Todd Gurly will be highly tempting to grab with that 5th pick. Stafford has to play better if the Merry Men want to be title contenders.

2015 Lineup: Stafford, Tevin Coleman, Todd Gurly, Maclin, Thomas, Ebron, Gostowski, Ellington


What Went Right: Gordon got his drug suspension reduced. Randall Cobb was a stud.

What Went Wrong: Traded for Ray Rice in 2013. Ertz. Cameron. Ball. Marshall. Patterson. Austin. Called out repeatedly in forum for starting players no one ever heard of.

Where Do We Go From Here: After entering the season as a title contender and having a season where nothing went right, the only place for this team to go is up. 2015 sure can't be any worse...can it?

2015 Lineup: Wilson, Murray, Ball, Marshall, Gordon, Ertz, Sturgis, Cobb


Christmas Card This Christmas Card was not well received at Fieldstone Drive

What Went Right: Julius Thomas scored 82 in the first 10 weeks of the season. Jeremy Hill and Mike Evans contended for Rookie of the Year. Moncrief looks like a future superstar when Reggie Wayne steps aside and he gets his chance.

What Went Wrong: Injuries, lots of them. Matt Ryan throwing passes from his back. Lost 3 games where opponent scored 73-91 points. Lost 3 other games by less than 6 points. Crabtree and Colston were terrible. Calvin Johnson playing games as a "decoy".

Where Do We Go From Here: Despite some close losses, big blowouts and piles of injuries, the Mallards were alive for a playoff berth on the final week of the season. Things have to even out in the luck department next year, right? 2015 looks to hold lots of promise for this embattled franchise. Hill, Evans and Moncrief look like long-time fixtures in the lineup. Crabtree, Ridley and Spiller will all have new NFL homes. Orange Julius will be back. With the #6 pick in the draft and the Merry Men holding the two spots ahead of them, the Mallards should be able to add another impact player as they get back to contending for the division title.

2015 Lineup: Ryan, Hill, Spiller, Evans, Johnson, Thomas, K, Moncrief


What Went Right: Scored a ton of points, the 14th most in league history. Jordy Neslon had 98 of them.

What Went Wrong: Didn't make playoffs, his brother did instead. Jay Cutler is on his team and is dragging down morale.

Where Do We Go From Here: The Brothers have become must-see TV every fall. Every year they find a new way to miss the playoffs. I'm not sure what's worse, winning 9 games and missing the playoffs or scoring the 14th most points in a season in league history and not making the playoffs. Most of the same gang will be back next year, so I'm sure hijinks will ensue. Odell Beckham looks like he belongs in a league that is reserved for guys that are too good to play in the NFL. What a player.

2015 Lineup: Palmer, Lacy, Charles, Beckham, Nelson, Wright, K, #7 Pick


What Went Right: Tom Brady turned his season around in a hurry. TY Hilton had a pile of yards.

What Went Wrong: Bishop Sankey looked like a bust. Toby Gerhart WAS a bust. Tom Brady was horrible the first 4 weeks of the season, likely costing this team the Wild Card.

Where Do We Go From Here: Bri has to hope Sankey was just experiencing some rookie jitters and comes back and plays a lot better in 2015. Alf Morris was solid once again and can be penciled in for another 70 points. Brady will keep this team in the mix as long as he is around, but others will have to step up if this team wants to get over the hump and back to the playoffs. Roy Helu is a NFL free agent and is an interesting player to watch if he is able to move on from Washingon.

2015 Lineup: Brady, Morris, Sankey, Edelman, Hilton, Miller, K, Helu


Seven The Refugees stayed true to the script and finished with seven wins

What Went Right: Fulfilled contractual agreement to finish 7-6. Landed RoY with 6th pick in draft. Golden Tate had a career year. Kelce looks like a baby Gronk when the Chiefs throw him the ball. Gronk spiked footballs.

What Went Wrong: Used a IR spot on Brandon Weeden. Employed the cast from The Walking Dead at RB. Kaepernick only had double digits scoring 3 times.

Where Do We Go From Here: The Refugees are all set at TE and WR but they have to do something to rebuild that RB group. Enjoy owning a Patriots RB - you never know when they are going to play or how much they will play. Hopefully a new HC will help Kaepernick out. It can't be fun to play for a guy as intense as Harbaugh. If Kaep bounces back and Aceto finds even one capable RB then this team should be able to do their duty to the league and finish 7-6 in 2015.

2015 Lineup: Kaepernick, Gray, #9 Pick, Benjamin, Tate, Gronkowski, Bryant, Kelce


What Went Right: Had a lot of fun on the forum. Manning had yet another monster season. Won the Brandon Oliver and Mark Sanchez sweepstakes. Scored Jerrick McKinnon in the 3rd Round.

What Went Wrong: Lost a crucial Week 13 match-up to the Eaters and missed the playoffs. Pierre Garcon was useless. Christine Michael still hasn't gotten his chance. Rueben Randle was a bust despite tons of targets.

Where Do We Go From Here: Manning will look to become the first player in YFFL history to surpass the 3,000 point barrier. The Buddies have gotten by the last couple years with Manning shouldering the load and a few other guys helping out now and then. Mike knows it's time to rebuild and he knows that it's time to send Manning on his way. I bet some talks take place next summer and Manning finishes his career as a Llama and the Buddies use that #3 pick to grab Jameis Winston and whatever other goodies they get from the Llamas to rebuild quick.

2015 Lineup: Manning, McKinnon, Sproles, Garcon, #10 Pick, ASJ, Tucker, Michael??


What Went Right: Returned to the playoffs for first time since 2008. Cody Parkey scored 34 points the last two weeks of the season to put them in playoffs, win Rookie of the Year, and steal Gostowski's annual Pro Bowl berth. Sanders and Brown combined for 190 points. Mark Ingram returned to relevance.

What Went Wrong: Most other RBs on roster continued to regress. Nick Foles got hurt.

Where Do We Go From Here: Eaters are in pretty good shape for next year, but will need to improve at RB if they want to hold off the up and coming teams in the AFC to return to the playoffs. Will be interesting to see if Foles keeps his starting job with the Eagles.

2015 Lineup: Rivers, Ingram, Williams, Brown, Sanders, Clay, Parkey, Draft Pick


Marshawn Lynch A confused Marshawn Lynch is informed that the Chickens aren't in the Super Bowl and must leave Media Day

What Went Right: Marshawn Lynch stayed healthy. Won their usual 10 games.

What Went Wrong: McCoy had a terrible year. They have no WRs. Didn't three-peat.

Where Do We Go From Here: After a decade of excellence, the Chickens finally showed some cracks in their armor. They rebounded from a midseason lull to finish strong, putting up huge point totals enroute to another 10 win season. But as this team ages and the "embargo" goes on, it is getting harder and harder for this team to "reload" instead of rebuild. I think they can squeeze one more playoff run out of this group, then we can all rejoice as the wheels come off.

2015 Lineup: Brees, McCoy, Lynch, Harvin, Boldin, Graham, Hauschka, Crowell


What Went Right: Andrew Luck had what is to be the first of many 200+ point seasons. Foster scored over 100 points despite missing 3 games. Sammy Watkins was awesome until injuries struck. Won First Round bye.

What Went Wrong: Mike Floyd was a major letdown. Bell was inconsistent. Cecil Shorts did nothing.

Where Do We Go From Here: Luck will have this team fighting for a playoff spot for the next 10 years.

2015 Lineup: Luck, Bell, Foster, Watkins, Flloyd, Allen, K, Draft Pick


What Went Right: 12 wins!! 10 straight! Only one opponent broke 50 against them all season, including the playoffs. Rodgers. Mason. Forte. Had two different QBs score 40 in back-to-back weeks.

What Went Wrong: Gore, Allen, Welker and Davis all were terrible. Upset by Boys in NFC Championship.

Where Do We Go From Here: For every player that had a down season for the Dragons, something went right for them. The fact that only one team scored 50 against them all season is just crazy. A lot of players on this team showed their age this year and will likely not be back in 2015. Rodgers gives this team a chance to rebuild quickly. They should be right back in the mix next year for another division title.

2015 Lineup: Rodgers, Forte, Mason, Hopkins, Allen, Walker, K, Draft Pick


Beer Beard Big Boys super fan "Captain Beer Beard" has been waiting a long time to celebrate. Can the Boys bring home the title this weekend?

What Went Right: Made the playoffs at 6-6-1. Upset Chickens in Wild Card game. Upset Dragons in Conference Championship. Playing with house money. Hadn't been to playoffs since some league members were in college and a Republican held the Presidential office.

What Went Wrong: Cooks got hurt. Always picked the wrong QB to start (at least until the playoffs came).

Where Do We Go From Here: Disney World??

2015 Lineup: Manning, Miller, Freeman, Cooks, Green, Eifert, K, Sanu


What Went Right: Held off Bear and Refugees for division title. The Cowboys stacking of the lineup continued to work. Stole Tannehill from Llamas. Allen Robinson played really well until breaking his foot. Gates had a great comeback year.

What Went Wrong: Spotty RB production - never knew where it was coming from. Placing Martavis Bryant on IR and then having him score 42 points in 4 weeks.

Where Do We Go From Here: Disney World??

2015 Lineup: Romo, Vereen, Bryant, Bryant, Smith, Rivera, Bailey, Robinson