6 Burning Questions: The Chickens Loss

Kevin Sansone, Senior Stat Boy

December 10, 2014

Let's take a moment to digest the Boys-Chickens game and its aftermath. I mean really think about it. There were so many questions going into Sunday, and none of them were "Can the Boys win?" Amazingly, there are even more questions coming out of this week though. Let's begin.

Drew Brees It's tough to talk about the Chickens loss. Help us start the conversation.

1. Are the Boys the worst playoff team of all time?

Finding out the answer to this involves digging through 20 years of standings and I don't have time for that. But come on, this team is bad. No offense Chris, but the Brothers scored 200 more points than the Boys; they probably should have been the Wild Card. Here's a crazy thought...what if the Wild Card team is not the next team with the best record - what if they are the team with the most points that is not a division winner? Add it to the summer meeting agenda!

2. Is this the greatest upset of all-time?

Of course it is! I just told you the Boys are (probably) the worst playoff team in league history. The Chickens were basically a 700 point team and were steamrolling the past few weeks. The problem with steamrolling in fantasy football though is that eventually you are due for a bad week. Unfortunately, it was this week for the Nick.

3. Is Drew Brees declining?

Yes, but even if he drops from 193 to 163, that is still better than nearly all the QB's in the league. Barring injury, Brees will be playing in 12 YFFL games next year.

4. Is the Chickens dynasty over?

Let's be realistic, there is a ton of talent on this team. I fully expect them to be back competing for the playoffs in 2015. Watch out for the Brothers though - luck will reverse itself and they should be 8-5 next year. That being said, the Chickens need to figure out their wide receiver situation...

5. Will anyone trade with Nick?

Ah yes, the legendary "trade embargo". Someone will make a Chickens might be next year, or it might be 2016. The biggest hurdle have been the offers themselves though and not the actual "trading with the Chickens" aspect. Trading is good for the YFFL and hopefully we won't see it go away completely like I have seen in every other fantasy football league I'm in.

6. Can the Boys beat the Dragons?

If Aaron Rodgers pulls a Brees, then yes, they can. If you look at Rodgers' 2014 season stat line, he's due for a 6.