Fact or Fiction: Weekend Edition

Ryan Gibbons & Kurt Willette, Middle Management

November 16, 2014

GMs Ryan Gibbons and Kurt Willette return for a Weekend Edition of Fact or Fiction. Settle in with a cup of your favorite fair trade coffee and enjoy their ruminations on Marshawn Lynch, high-scoring QBs, and even Ms. Pachuta? It's the perfect way to kill some time while you wait for your DVR to fast forward through the SNL musical act.

Korfball "Korfball" finished second only to "pud" in a recent survey of "funniest words you haven't heard or said in the last 20 years"

Marshawn Lynch is the best RB in the league this year.

Kurt: FICTION. Arian Foster is the best RB this year because he has been more consistent week to week. Marshawn Lynch is having a great year though, so it's really splitting hairs - it's like trying to guess if Gibbs has more gray hair than black.

Gibbs: FICTION. Through 7 weeks DeMarco Murray's insane workload guaranteed 100+ yards and a TD every week, but he's cooled off a little and ceded the crown to Foster. Lynch certainly showed that he can explode all over the end zone in a shower of Skittles any given week, but he's a little more hit or miss...a lot like Kurt's jokes about people's hair.

Another QB will throw for 6 TDs this season.

Kurt: FACT. With my luck, it will be Peyton Manning in Week 13. I haven't seen an offensive output like this since 7th grade gym class with Ms. Pachuta when Cunniff got a hot hand in Korfball.

Gibbs: FICTION. Being a little contrarian here, but I think it's coincidence that it's happened the past 3 weeks. There are 43 6+ TD games in league history, and they're happening more often, but it's still pretty rare. Kind of like a week where the biggest college game of the week doesn't involve an SEC team. Sure, you get the occasional Notre Dame-FSU game, but it's usually crowd shots of a bunch of drunk rednecks somewhere in the Deep South. I think that made more sense in my head...

The playoff teams as they stand today will be the playoff teams at the end of the season.

Kurt: FICTION. It looks like Chris is going to do what Chris does best when things get tight down the stretch. Fold faster than Superman on laundry day.

Gibbs: FACT. This may come down to who wins Week 12 between the Bear and the Refugees, but the Bear catching the Orangutangs on Dallas bye week gives them the edge. I see both teams at 7-6 and Aceto winning on points, and despite the fact that the Big Boys haven't made the playoffs since Pogs were a thing, that tie with the Huskers is gonna get them in by a nose.

Kev Jong-un Kev Jong-un insists on overseeing all areas of production

Kevin is the league's worst trader.

Kurt: FICTION. Historically yes, but you have to actually make trades to be evaluated currently. I don't know why Mike and Gibbs are arguing over who North Korea is, it's clearly the Huskers. Is there a more isolated and quirky dictator...errr...owner in this league than Kev Jong-un?

Gibbs: FACT. FICTION. Kevin's great at trades.

The YFL had better talent than the KFL (Kjeldgaard Football League).

Kurt: FICTION. Granted, we had Peach and Kich in our league, but the YFL had the Shanks - it's a wash. I know we played a game once against the YFL but I don't remember who won. All I remember from that game is Greg DiRobbio pulled my shirt over my head and kneed me in the gut knocking the wind out of me and I despised him for it. Thankfully after a few years we discovered a mutual love for freestyling and competitive drinking games.

Gibbs: FICTION. The YFL had better pinnies, that's about it. Unless you have Sean Labrie cracking people in half, or Tyler Richards tackling Foost 30 yards out of bounds for being a p*** you don't have real football. Yes, Kich would often smoke before games and occasional sub Heath Tibbets may have chugged an airplane bottle of watermelon Jack Daniel's or two for hydration, but the KFL was hard-nosed, throwback football.