Counterpoint: The Nick Wood Fact or Fiction

Nick Wood, Backyard Sports Icon

November 13, 2014

Chickens GM Nick Wood was the focus of a recent Fact or Fiction and took...ahem..."umbrage" with some of the points. Here's his counterpoint to those statements.

Drew Brees and Jimmy Graham "I still can't believe that trade happened!"
"Me neither! Hahahaha!"

Nick would be successful as an owner.

When you focus on the real results, not league perception, it is hard to argue which General Managers have had a positive impact on their franchise and which GMs should be keeping an eye out for Idzik-like billboards and fly-overs.

Below, I list each of the league's general managers records since joining the league in their respective seasons. Considering each general manager took over a team in the middle of a particular season, I have not included the results of that season to their managerial skills for arguments sake. However, this is the starting point for which their success can be measured against going forward.

Some believe that I was given the keys to a brand new Ferrari and instructed to just keep it from crashing, but after a closer look, it was not the Chickens GM who had those special keys handed to him upon arrival, but the Llamas' Gibbons. What he's done since sitting behind that wheel for the first time will raise some eyebrows for sure. Some would argue that the Llamas' Ferrari is totaled and Kev only has enough insurance to cover the cost of a 2002 Civic.


October, 2007 - Nick Wood takes over as Chickens General Manager and finishes the season at 7-6.

20087-5-1Only a slight improvement, but an improvement nonetheless
20098-5Division Champions
201010-3Conference Champions
20119-4Division Champions

Overall Record: 60-27-1

Overall Winning Percentage: 0.6875


October, 2009 - Ryan Gibbons takes over as Llamas General Manager and finishes the season at 10-3.

20107-6Division Champions
20115-6-2Missed Playoffs
20126-7Missed Playoffs
20136-7Missed Playoffs

Overall Record: 27-33-2

Overall Winning Percentage: 0.4516

It is worth mentioning again, the team went 10-3 the year he came into the position.

Kev, you're slowly becoming a combination of Dan Snyder and Woody Johnson. I'd strongly suggest you have your sit-down with your General Manager to get across the fact that just because he was a part of the league back when he was in Middle School, by no means does that allow the lack of success to go unnoticed.


Early 2012 - Kurt Willette takes over as Eaters General Manager and finishes the season at 5-8.

20146-4Currently holding onto the AFC Wild Card spot

Overall Record: 12-11

Overall Winning Percentage: 0.5217

TMZ Sports reported a rumor that Kevin flew out to California not too long ago. His cover story was a wedding, but he was visiting the groom-to-be for a different discuss the future of the Llamas. Again, those are just rumors to this point, but we all know Kev does not leave the house for anything but to go to work, bring his kids to Gymboree® / play-dates, visit his local liquor store, or to talk to the appropriate channels about how to improve his fluttering teams.

A little managerial advice for you Kurt: if you want your YFFL GM career to last, take careful notes as to how the Chickens do things. It is the blueprint for success.

Would I make a successful owner? The numbers don't lie.

Now that I've gotten my main point across, I'll take a few minutes to address some of the other misconceptions thrown my way.

Joe Ricchio Ricchio is still trying to hunt down Nick for Little League revenge

Nick is overrated as a skeeball player and his Little League career pales in comparison to Aceto's.

I agree on one point, but strongly disagree on another.

Skeeball - I'm a totally an overrated player. No questions asked. My past backyard sports reputation was clearly carried over into the skeeball world, unjustly so.

Little League - The 1-0 complete game shutout defeat of the mighty Joe Ricchio-led Fireman was the pinnacle of my baseball career. There is no way that Aceto could've ever topped that in Little League. Sure, he may have gone on to do bigger and better things as the Yarmouth High School starting second baseman, but his Little League reputation never allowed him to ride the curtails of his past success through high school like mine did; his actual skill and ability got him there.

Nick is a bad drafter.

No one is a "great" drafter when your first pick is, on average, 14th overall.

You know why you're constantly drafting 14th overall? You're in control of a marquee franchise.

That's a credit to the successful franchise I took over and the added success that I've brought to the Chickens. How can one create a consistent winner while constantly picking in the back quarter of the draft, you ask? Make wise free agent transactions (Victor Cruz and Mike Wallace, to name a couple), get rid of veterans at the appropriate times (such as Antonio Gates) and make trades happen that others would be afraid to even offer.

People on the wrong side of a trade can't say they were "being badgered" or "strong-armed into something" as an excuse. As I've said before, this is a league that requires results and to get results you need to put in the effort. My results are second to none. I won't mention any particular names on either side of various trades from the past, as the wounds have yet to heal for some. You know who you are.

Roger Griswold Sligo Road alum Roger Griswold is forecasting a three-peat centralized over the Stamford, CT area

Sligo Road is the worst road in Yarmouth.

Absolutely not. Sure, it may have seemed like I lived in a different town due to how long it took to get down my road, but not only did Ryan Pasquale and Tyler Richards live on Sligo, WMTW Channel 8's Meteorologist Roger Griswold lived just over the North Yarmouth border next door to the Pasquale's for over a decade...enough said.

Also, once it was repaved in 1994, it became the fastest road in town outside of I-95. Pat Blount set the Yarmouth landspeed record in the fall of 1996 when he was bringing a bunch of us to a pasta dinner at my parent's house after soccer practice.

Nick Kjeldgaard > Nick Wood.

No arguments here.

Nick should start incorporating a point spread into his weekly picks (like Aceto surely would) to make it a little more challenging.

The fans have spoken and points spreads will be included in the picks. It's strange that I'll be the one making my own line for the games I'll be picking, but whatever. I will not be taking any "action" on the games as I've had my fair share of run-ins with "The Greek" already and by no means do I want a Hagan (don't call me Pat) Blount even knowing my phone number to make picks.