Fact or Fiction: Back-to-Back Weeks Edition

Ryan Gibbons & Kurt Willette, Middle Management

October 24, 2014

After a 7-day hiatus, Fact or Fiction is back! General Managers Kurt Willette and Ryan Gibbons try to answer some of the YFFL's burning questions in an easy to digest format that caters to readers of Buzzfeed and makes for great Facebook link bait.

Fred Jackson This 2012 graphic is one of my favorites and applies nearly every season

The AFC is the new power conference.

Gibby: FACT. 4 of the top 5 highest scoring teams in the league are AFC teams, and the AFC West alone has 4 of the top 6. The Llamas, a middling team that regularly starts players like Coby Fleener and Jarvis Landry, has only scored 2 points less than the "powerhouse" Chickens. And one final note - the AFC is 6-2 head-to-head against the NFC.

Kurt: FACT. Although the Dragons have the best record in the league, the scale is clearly tipped to the AFC. Speaking of the Dragons, they're legitimate championship contenders. How good was that Tre Mason 25th overall pick? This team is stacked with depth and potential. The rest of the conference should shift to watching football on Saturdays to prep for 2015.

Bri and the Brothers still have a shot to make the playoffs.

Gibby: FICTION. Despite being the highest scoring team in the pathetic NFC, 2-5 is a pretty deep hole. They likely have to go 5-1 the rest of the way to get to 7-6 and have a shot at the Wild Card, which just feels like too tall of an order, especially after losing Fred Jackson last week. Sorry Bri, maybe you can record another tape of a pretend radio show like back in the Bottoms Up days?

Kurt: FICTION. Although the Brothers are only 2 games out in the loss column with 6 games left (including one against the Huskers, who they need to catch), it's too big of a deficit to overcome. I actually like the Boys to claim the Wild Card spot in the NFC. This team has consistent scoring at every position. Look for Chris to give Bri a big "brother" beat down and resurface old wounds for Bri from their childhood sporting days.

We'll see a trade this year.

Gibby: FACT. It's gonna be a stupid trade for a kicker or Kyle Orton though, not a destiny-shaping one. Owners in this league have fewer balls on average than Ken Roberts.

Kurt: FACT. Although teams overvalue their players and draft picks, there's too many contenders that could benefit from a move to increase their playoff potential that deals shouldn't get done. One thing is for certain though, it won't include the Chickens.

Bryce Brown It's been Nerf or Nothing™ for Bryce Brown this season

Mike Kinsman should have saved his "dog crap and Shop N Save" analogy for Nick Wood and Bryce Brown.

Gibby: FICTION. The Brown trade is much much much much much worse (even for Nick this is a new low), but the best insults will always be directed at Steve.

Kurt: FACT. At the very least he should have just recycled the same joke. Rumor has it Brown won't even get the start this week and the Bills will go with Anthony Dixon.

Chris Davidson will make an appearance in the forum by 2020.

Gibby: FICTION. The problem is that football is a fall sport, Chris has school starting up, and he's gotta start planning Halloween costumes around mid-September. After that, he has to start planning what he's going to talk to Droid about during Thanksgiving, and next thing you know it's February. There's just no time.

Kurt: FACT. Chris Davidson collects his AARP card in 2016 and he waited until he was 57 to get married, so he has no grandchildren to occupy his time. After an inevitable move to Florida, he will pour his energy into shuffleboard and fantasy sports. Don't be surprised if he starts to get forgetful and mistakes the forum for his grocery list or uses it to write angry letters to Murder She Wrote producers.

From a personality stand point Steve Dugas and Mike Kinsman are the YFFL's Bill Belichick and Rex Ryan.

Gibby: FICTION. They're obviously the Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin of the YFFL.

Kurt: FACT. Although both are a poor man's version of their counterparts, perhaps a more apt comparison would be Kevin and Wayne from the Wonder Years. Either way, I wouldn't be surprised to read about a Dugas reprisal in the Forecaster next time Mike makes his way back home.