Fact or Fiction: GM Edition

Ryan Gibbons & Kurt Willette, Middle Management

October 17, 2014

After a 9 year (!) hiatus, Fact or Fiction is back! GMs Kurt Willette and Ryan Gibbons face off on some burning questions and try to separate fantasy from reality while talking about fantasy football, which is an Inception-like wormhole that is making my head hurt. Anyways, onto the topics:

Gravel Pit Steve's WRs better step it up. There are worse places to end up than the waiver wire.

Fact or Fiction: The Chickens are done as a marquee franchise.

Kurt: FICTION. The Chickens have not looked as dominant as they did last year, but they're still 4-2 in a weak NFC West and they have the best shot of winning that division. With that said, the chances of this team winning the championship this year are slim. Look for ridiculous trade offers from Nick as he scrambles to overcome the embargo.

Ryan: FACT...FICTION...FACTION? They're still a marquee franchise, but that's really due to a lack of competition. The Chickens right now are like post-ambien hooker car crash Tiger Woods. Sure, they bring a lot of eyeballs, but they have one broken leg and they can't close with the consistency they used to since the field's gotten a little stronger.

Fact or Fiction: Dugas has the worst effort to outcome ratio in the YFFL.

Kurt: FACT. Dugas is to the YFFL as cold fusion is to science. Dugas' theory of wide receiver value isn't supported by the numbers. Look for Dugas to shift his strategy and stockpile a monopoly on eligible kickers.

Ryan: FACT. If Dugas spent as much time on parenting as he does on fantasy football, his kids would already be in college. At the very least he should train them to sort through Rotoworld for him so he has more time to buy gravel pits with Greg.

Fact or Fiction: 2014 was a deep draft.

Kurt: FACT. Many rookies are already having an impact on their teams and we should see them only get better. There will be several Pro Bowlers in coming years from this draft.

Ryan: FACT. There may not be an Andrew Luck in this draft, but Kelvin Benjamin is already a freak, and the RBs will make noise once they get the opportunity. You need to look no further than the Llamas, who are starting 3 rookies this week, maybe 4 if Matthews weren't on bye. What? Those guys should barely be on the roster? Next question.

Turducken Make your own "turducken of misery" at home! Simply combine equal parts of Glen Coffee, Montario Hardesty and Greg Little.

Fact or Fiction: Teams with the same owner should not be able to trade with each other.

Kurt: FACT. With the amount of unscrupulous personalities we have in this league, a change in this rule would almost certainly result in absurd trades like the ones we routinely see from Kevin and Gibbs.

Ryan: FICTION. This is an un-American rule and is an affront to liberty. It should be changed, but the league should have to vote on whether the trade can stand. Unless one team has a GM, then it should be automatic.

Fact or Fiction: GMs are more important than team owners.

Kurt: FACT. Just look at the Chickens and the Eaters. As far as the Llamas...2/3 isn't bad.

Ryan: FACT. The Chickens have won a couple titles, but they basically run themselves, so let's break down the Eaters and the Llamas. Before Kurt rolled in, the Eaters were a turducken of misery. Injuries wrapped in lousy drafting wrapped in bad lineups. As the owner, Chris had no incentive to do anything - what was he gonna do, fire himself? On the other hand, Kurt is out there making trades and trying to impress his owner while also hoping someone sees his dedication and offers him a better job. As for the Llamas, I'm basically running an experiment to see how many bad moves I can make in a row before Kev really tries to "fire" me. When he does, I'll sit him down for a serious talk over an artisan cocktail in his new copper mugs and tell him he needs to remember what's really important in the YFFL. We may not win the "champion"-ship, but we've already won the "friend"-ship. Then we'll have a good laugh, forget what we were talking about, and then I'll trade Le'veon Bell for Tatum Bell. Anyway, GMs are important.

Fact or Fiction: Mike has prostitutes locked in his basement.

Kurt: FACT.

Ryan: FACT. Or maybe a big closet.