Postcards from Camp: Fightin' Mallards

Kevin Sansone, Senior Stat Boy

September 04, 2014

Postcards from Camp


We are now entering year twelve of the social experiment that is the Mallards. For awhile, the Dugas creed towards his second team was "Watch out, we are deep at QB." Then it shifted to "Watch out, we are real deep at RB this year." Today, Steve is singing a new tone: "The YFFL is all about WR, TE, and Kicker. Mallards 2014. End of story."

Steve with Snowman Does this really look like a guy with a plan?

Critical Question

Will Jeremy Hill be the only RB starting for the Mallards by Week 8? Does anyone really care???

Player to Watch

Justin Hunter, WR (TEN) - I have been drafting Hunter in all my other leagues so I kind of feel like I have to go with him here.


Matt Ryan, CJ Spiller (I guess? Is there anyone else I can choose here? Who? Steven Jackson? He is still in the league? Who else? Ridley? I can't tell if you are joking.), Calvin Johnson, Michael Crabtree, Marques Colston, Julius Thomas, Blar Walsh, Hunter/Wheaton/Rudolph


The Mallards will be fine...most likely 7-8 wins. They will probably miss the playoffs by a nose and then Steve can work to rebuild his RB group in 2015 as "RB is the thing to watch in 2015" becomes the new team creed.


7-6; 575 points; 2nd NFC West