Postcards from Camp: Chunky Chickens

Steve Dugas, Draft Guru

September 04, 2014

Postcards from Camp


2012 and 2013 champs! It was harder this time around, but they did it again.

Brian Hartline Brian Hartline has been enjoying the perks that come with back-to-back YFFL Championships

Critical Question

Can they three-peat? It's sure looking like it.

Player to Watch

Everyone on the Bench - There's definitely some questions about depth once bye weeks start or if an injury or two strike.


Drew Brees, LeSean McCoy, Marshawn Lynch, Victor Cruz, Andre Johnson, Jimmy Graham, Steven Hauschka, Percy Harvin


What the Chickens have done the past past 10-15 years is what every dynasty team aspires to. After spending years of racking up record point totals and 910 win seasons, the Chickens are now adding titles to their trophy case. 2014 could be the year we have a team win three championships in a row. The Chickens will certainly need to mine the waiver wire for some depth, but it does look like they finally have a great insurance policy for Drew Brees in Blake Bortles.


10-3; 775 Points; 1st NFC West