Postcards from Camp: Memphis Brothers

Steve Dugas, Draft Guru

September 03, 2014

Postcards from Camp


After grabbing Eddie Lacy with the second pick of the draft, the Brothers rebounded from a terrible 2012 in a big way as they joined the Huskers in surprising the YFFL in 2013 as they both gave the Chickens a run for the division title right up until the final weekend. With all three teams 9-3 heading into that week, the league was treated to some great games. The Chickens edged the Beans as expected and all the pressure shifted to the Huskers and Brothers. The Brothers dropped a heartbreaker 67-54 and were left out of the playoffs, staring at a long cold Chicago winter ahead. The Brothers played a lot of nail biters last year. Some they won, others they lost, like 59-52 to the Huskers or 54-52 to the Boys. Heck, they even lost a game they scored 65 in as the Chickens exploded for 93 that week. The Brothers stayed relatively healthy for once, only losing Reggie Wayne to an ACL tear. Can the Brothers build on 2013? We'll find out soon enough.

Brian Davidson After a disappointing end to the 2013 season, Brothers owner Brian Davidson disappeared into the woods, only to resurface days before training camp

Critical Question

Can this team compete for the division title or was last year just a great hot streak? This team looks really complete and even has some depth at QB that could be used later in the season to fill a position of need. So long as Reggie Wayne is back to 100%, I think they will be right there with the Chickens all season.

Player to Watch

Jamaal Charles, RB (KC) - Charles is coming off a monster workload and is set to receive another one. RBs have a tendency to show signs of overuse and accrue a bunch of nagging injuries. It's critical to the Brothers' success that Charles plays as well as he did last year again this year.


Jay Cutler, Jamaal Charles, Eddie Lacy, Jordy Nelson, Reggie Wayne, Dennis Pitta, Nick Novack, Fred Jackson


This team is a fan favorite and the whole league will be rooting for them to take down the Chickens in 2014. They have the star players in place to do it. As always, health will be a big key. I think Cutler is headed for a monster campaign and this team seems like a lock for 9 wins.


9-4; 689 Points; 2nd NFC West