Sansone “Excited, Honored” to Join YFFL Pantheon

Bobby Sansone, Senior Writer

December 19, 2003

As I anxiously await this weekend’s coronation of a truly remarkable YFFL season, I can’t help but thank all of you for making this league what it has become today. I’ll be the first to admit that the YFFL plays a much larger role in my life than it should, the sleepless nights after losses to division rivals, the pre-game jitters Sunday morning, the countless hours I spend each week researching players.

And while it has been a blast, it has also been difficult. Until this season, I had nothing to prove that I was a great fantasy owner. My dad, the “Godfather” of fantasy sports in the Sansone household, wins championships as often as regularly as his favorite baseball team, the Yankees. My brother, won his first championship in half the time it took me to win mine. That put me in third in the family in terms of best fantasy owners, just ahead of my 11-year old sister, who just this season informed us that she wants a fantasy team because she likes my dad’s frog mascot icon on his league’s website. Mary Sansone’s projected first Fantasy Football Championship: 2009.

So, up until this season, here I was feeling like the “Susan Lucci” of fantasy owners. Again, I’ll be the first to admit that the ultimate slap in the face would have been if my chief fantasy rival, Steve Dugas had beat me to the YFFL Pantheon. Thankfully, for yours truly, that won’t happen. But what will happen this weekend is MY coronation into the YFFL Pantheon. I imagine it will be a lot like my eventual ascension to heaven; a slow moving escalator that leads into the clouds. “Look, there on the right, it’s Vince Lombardi,! no wait, it’s not Vince, it’s Mike Kinsman, the first ever YFFL Champion back in 1993. And over there, on that fluffy white cloud, it’s Kevin Sansone the owner of the team that had the single greatest season in YFFL history. And over there, it’s the legendary Brian Davidson, back-to-back Championships with the Poop in ’94 and ’95. The escalator continues and standing at the gateway to the Pantheon is another living legend, Chris Davidson, owner of one of the greatest dynasty’s in YFFL history in the Big Boys. Brett Favre and Terrell Davis on the same team! And finally, it’s Jon Kinsman, the Vince McMahon of the YFFL, 3-time champion, website administrator, statistician, the man who started it all.

It’s still hard to believe I am “Pantheon-worthy”. A mediocre career record of 102-105-7 and prior to this season, 0-4 in Conference Championships, I wasn’t even present at my first draft, the same draft I proudly dialed in the first two picks from a Woodlands Club phone as Lawrence Phillips and Tim Biakabutuka! This just goes to show that I’ve come along way I suppose. From what I’ve been told, the Pantheon is a special fraternity. Again, I am both honored and excited to become a member and share these sacred fraternal bonds of the brotherhood. As for Aceto and even you Steve, I am confident that you too are Pantheon-worthy and will one day join the others and me in the YFFL Pantheon.