Postcards from Camp: Burger Buddies

Nick Wood, Backyard Sports Icon

August 29, 2014

Postcards from Camp


In short, I'm not going to make this entire postcard be about Manning. Actually, who am I kidding? It deserves to be, as he is the greatest YFFL quarterback the league's ever statistically seen. This could not have been more evident than this past season where Manning's single season scoring record of 295 points carried the Buddies to the AFC Title game. The trouble is, the Buddies' roster lacked depth at many key positions and that was exposed by the more well rounded Tangs. One could only wonder what the outcome would have been had Doug Martin been available. The Buddies now put to rest what was a memorable season and hope to recreate that success while hoping to rely on more than just one individual to bring it to them.

Mike Kinsman Mike can sleep easy knowing that Peyton Manning is his QB

Critical Question

Will a second true starting WR emerge after Pierre Garcon? Garcon, not even a true WR1, makes this a potential weak spot for the team. Malcom Floyd dropping into their laps in the 5th round of this year's draft might be the consistent player they're looking for. Still, no true WR1 has emerged.

Player to Watch

Doug Martin, RB (TB) - Lovie Smith has been saying all along that he's going to focus more on the run and the team just added Pro Bowler Logan Mankins to the o-line, so expecting a good season out of Martin would only make sense. If he's able to get near his rookie-year production and Manning plays like he's expected to, the league will be hearing a great deal of off-colored smack talk from their owner.


Peyton Manning, Doug Martin, Khiry Robinson, Pierre Garcon, Malcom Floyd, Greg Olsen, Justin Tucker, Rod Streater


If Peyton Manning is your quarterback, you're going to be in contention. The one thing this team will have to focus on early in the season is finding a bye week replacement for Manning. That Week 4 game against the Refugees may decide whether they secure the bye or not.


8-5; 655 Points, 1st Place AFC West