Postcards from Camp: Snapdragons

Nick Wood, Backyard Sports Icon

August 28, 2014

Postcards from Camp


The Dragons 2013 season was a season of "being the example". The example of what should've/could've been for the Dragons had they not had that silly tie. A bleepin' tie that kept them out of the playoffs in 2013. Despite missing Aaron Rodgers for a stretch of games, Jon still had his team ready to compete by pulling the appropriate strings to keep his team in contention. This team is the prime example of the importance of every game, no matter what week of the season. Two specific instances come to mind: (1) had he made one small decision differently about who to start at kicker week 12, that aforementioned bleepin' tie would not have happened and (2) in Week 4, had Jon started Denarius Moore or then-rookie Keenan Allen at WR instead of DeAndre Hopkins or Stephen Hill, he would have received the necessary 2 points to turn what was a 60-59 loss to the White Guys into a victory. In the end, Jon's the example of how we are rarely praised for the decisions we make that play out in our favor, but we're heavily criticized for when they don't.

Wes Welker The Dragons are taking every precaution with Wes Welker heading into the 2014 season

Critical Question

Does Frank Gore have another solid year left in him? He's 31, so father time would say "no". The fact that the 49ers drafted Carlos Hyde would lead you to believe that even his own NFL team does not think so. But, it is hard to overlook the fact that the then-30 year old Gore was in the lineup every week last season and he missed tying his career high in fantasy points by only two. That's enough to leave some hope alive for his 2014 season.

Player to Watch

Wes Welker, WR (DEN) - A well documented concussion history has us wondering not only if he's going to be healthy for the majority of the season, but if he'll walk away from the game altogether if he happens to take another bad hit. If he's able to stay on the field, this team has a solid starting lineup that will compete week in and week out.


Aaron Rodgers, Matt Forte, Frank Gore, Keenan Allen, Wes Welker, Vernon Davis, Phil Dawson, DeAndre Hopkins


This team has as good a shot as any to win their division. This is a quarterback driven league and Aaron Rodgers is one of the best in the game. The advantage Rodgers gives the Dragons over Matt Ryan and the Mallards evens things out when comparing rosters. From here, it comes down to who's team can stay healthy and have lady luck on their side. The playoffs are attainable for the Dragons, but they may need the NFC West to beat up on themselves a little more this season to be more confident in reaching the postseason.


8-5; 656 Points, 2nd NFC East