Postcards from Camp: Apple Eaters

Nick Wood, Backyard Sports Icon

August 27, 2014

Postcards from Camp


The Eaters overachieved in 2013 and could have made the playoffs if one game had gone differently. That game was their Week 7 showdown versus the lowly Llamas. If the result of that game was different, the season would be looked at in a totally different light. Kurt will not point fingers at anyone but himself. Honorable, considering one can imagine he had pressures and questions coming from the owners box. TMZ Sports reported that Chris was constantly looking over his shoulder at his lineup changes, free agent acquisitions, and even asking whether or not Kurt thought it would be a good idea if Chris grew a beard. Kurt wanted none of this, but has chosen to keep the internal struggles behind closed doors. Fast forward to thr 2014 preseason - Kurt has gained near total control, Chris has his beard, and the team is looking ahead with high expectations.

Kurt Willette In a show of solidarity with owner Chris Davidson, GM Kurt Willette has grown a "reverse playoff beard" and refuses to shave it until the Eaters make the postseason

Critical Question

Can his RBs stay healthy? Each of his potential starting running backs has had their fair share of time spent in the trainer's room over the years. Reggie Bush, Ben Tate, and Trent Richardson are going to have to stay healthy for this team to have a chance at success in the 3rd toughest division in the YFFL.

Player to Watch

Nick Foles, QB (PHI) - If Foles is able to pick up right where he left off in 2013, this team has the ability to make some noise. One would argue that both Foles and Rivers are going to have a hard time repeating what they did last season. The eyes of the league will be focused on who Kurt chooses to start each week if Foles' production becomes inconsistent.


Nick Foles, Reggie Bush, Trent Richardson, Antonio Brown, Vincent Jackson, Jason Witten, Alex Henery, Emmanuel Sanders/Ben Tate


7-6; 581 Points; 3rd AFC West