Postcards from Camp: Cuban Refugees

Nick Wood, Backyard Sports Icon

August 19, 2014

Postcards from Camp


This team is actually better than people will give them credit for. A solid pickup of a WR at the #6 spot in the draft and this team could be thinking about the playoffs in the up-in-the-air AFC East. The running backs, at first glance, seem very similar to the washed up Big Boys. However, upon further inspection, you could see some potential for a decent season. Rashad Jennings is going to get all of the opportunity he can handle to succeed with the loss of David Wilson, LeGarrette Blount is positioned to be the goal line back for a Steelers team who is going to put up points this year, and someone is going to score points for the Jets...why can't it be Chris Johnson? Despite their low preseason ranking, I'm going to say this team has the second best shot at winning their division behind the Tangs. Nailing that #6 pick in the draft will be key as their WRs corps is razor thin.

Maurice Jones-Drew Maurice Jones-Drew thought about taking a position in the Refugees front office before returning for another season

Critical Question

Will his running backs produce in their new situations? All four of his running backs are playing for new teams this year. Will the new opportunities turn positive or is it the first step towards flushing their careers down the toilet? I believe two will flourish and have better than expected seasons. As long as one of the other two can stay healthy and contribute something, look out AFC East.

Player to Watch

Rob Gronkowski, TE (NE). If he stays healthy and puts up a Gronk-like year, the Refugees will not be overlooked. Kelce's a solid back-up as well.


Colin Kaepernick, Chris Johnson, Rashad Jennings, Golden Tate, Terrance Williams, Rob Gronkowski, Matt Bryant, LeGarrette Blount/Maurice Jones-Drew


Despite no depth to speak of outside of TE, the Refugees are a couple draft picks away from having a team that contends. In the end though, they have too many "ifs" and "potential" to depend on. The Refugees end the season on the wrong side of the playoffs, but prove that they're far from the league's doormat.


7-6; 568 Points; 2nd Place AFC East