Postcards from Camp: High 5'n White Guys

Nick Wood, Backyard Sports Icon

August 15, 2014

Postcards from Camp


Aceto made a lot of noise in 2013 as his White Guys surprisingly won their division before falling to another upstart in the Huskers. Will he be able to keep them at the top of their division? To quickly find that answer, one must only look at their first four games of the upcoming season schedule: Dragons, Mallards, Huskers, and Chickens. Their owner has been known to raise a team from near death, but an 0-4 start will be very hard to resuscitate. Tony's going to be forced to make some serious decisions this year - does he go for broke with his aging star roster (AP, Roddy, and Larry Fitz) or does he dish off those veteran stars to rebuild quickly? We've see teams recently have great success by trading away their aging talent for youth and that might be the best model for Aceto to follow, especially in a year where the draft class appears very strong. The trouble is, Tony's not an easy one to trade with as he's shifty in his communication with league members and he appears to have a large list of teams on his "no trade list".

Sam Bradford A dejected Sam Bradford learns that he's over his miles on his leased injury cart

Critical Question

As I stated above, does he go for broke or quickly rebuild? My guess is that Aceto's pride is not going to allow him to focus on rebuilding.

Player to Watch

Sam Bradford, QB (STL) - Can he stay healthy? Even if he's on the field all season, the Rams appear to be a run first team, which does not bode well for his fantasy scoring chances. This being a quarterback driven league, he's going to need at least 12 points per week from Bradford to compete.


Sam Bradford, Adrian Peterson, Gio Bernard, Larry Fitzgerald, Roddy White, Draft Pick, Matt Prater, Aaron Dobson/Draft Pick


The only way this team even sniffs the playoffs in 2014 is if Aceto hits a home run with this draft. The trouble is, he's got too many holes to fill. The loss of Tony Gonzalez, David Wilson, and no depth beyond his aging WR duo to fall back on if one breaks down keeps this team from contention and has them slated for an early round draft pick in 2015.


5-8; 518 points; 3rd in NFC East