Postcards from Camp: Big Boys

Steve Dugas, Draft Guru

August 06, 2014

Postcards from Camp


The 2013 season did not go as hoped for Big Boy fans around the globe. The Boys were only able to pull out wins in weeks 1, 2, 7, and 8. Andy Dalton had a solid season once the reins were turned over to him, but outside of QB, the only player who had any impact for the team was AJ Green. Most of the players holding down starting spots are better suited to be started at UT or as bye week fillers. By the time the draft is over, Chris may have cut as many as 10 or 11 players that are currently on the roster.

Eli Manning Eli was asked to come down and ID the body of the 2013 Big Boys

Critical Question

What direction to go at the draft? This team has needs all over the lineup. With the 2014 outlook for this team, Chris will have the luxury of taking the player who can best help him long-term since the Boys are likely staring at drafting in the top 5 again next year. Watkins and Hyde would both fit this profile.

Player to Watch

Eli Manning, QB NYG - While Dalton started most of last year, expect Manning to seize the starting job back in 2014. Dalton's offense is going to a more run oriented approach while Manning is expected to run an offense similar to that of the Packers. Manning will need to have a monster year to keep the Boys competitive.


Eli Manning, Ryan Mathews, Lamar Miller, AJ Green, Riley Cooper, Tyler Eifert, Robbie Gould, #4 Draft Pick


This is the most talent deficient team in the YFFL, so it's going to be a long season. Chris will need to hit multiple triples at the draft and have good years from Manning, Mathews, and Green to win 7-8 games. Chris has done a solid job the last few drafts, so it's not out of the question, but it will be tough to accomplish. This draft is looking 30 picks deep at the moment, so the #4 and #20 picks should deliver some hope.


3-10; 478 Points; 4th Place NFC East