2013 Mock Draft 2.0

Steve Dugas, Draft Guru

August 22, 2013

As I sit here in my scrubs with suitcase packed, just waiting to bolt to the hospital, I figured it was time for a second mock draft. We've had some major shake ups since the first mock draft, with several trades and one serious injury. So without further ado: Mock 2.0.

#1 - White Guys

RB Giovani Bernard (CIN) - Bernard has done nothing in August to lose the top spot, but he has had some heat put on him by Eddie Lacy. Bernard even has a commanding lead on the YFFL Poll and it would be a shock at this point if someone else is taken in the top spot.

Eddie Lacy Lacy has been eating up the competition in camp

#2 - Brothers

RB Eddie Lacy (GB) - With Le'Veon Bell sustaining a serious foot injury, Lacy rises to the #2 spot in the draft. Lacy has played well in the preseason and is making everyone forget that the Packers even drafted Johnathan Franklin to be his backfield mate.

#3 - Buddies

RB Montee Ball (DEN) - Mike makes a solid move and does everything he can to give Peyton Manning the players he needs to win a title this year. This pick might still be on the block and rumblings around the league have the Orangutangs looking to move up for this pick. It doesn't matter which team holds this pick as both need a RB and Montee Ball is the last one available looking at serious playing time out of the gate.

#4 - Huskers

WR DeAndre Hopkins (HOU) - Kevin unloaded Arian Foster and netted himself a couple top draft picks, ensuring that his teams will completely control the top half of the first round. Hopkins is the best WR in this draft; he might not have the highest ceiling, but he certainly has the highest floor. It wouldn't be a surprise to see him get drafted in the #2 spot by the Brothers. Hopkins has sustained a concussion in the preseason, so some of the shine is off, but all indications are that he will be fine for Week 1.

#5 - Dragons

WR Kenbrell Thompkins (NE) - Jon makes the first shocking move of the draft as he seemingly reaches for the most hyped player of this summer. This move is either going to pay off huge or cause the Dragons to be drafting in the top 3 next year. Thompkins has even drawn praise from Tom Brady himself, so at this point we have to take this player pretty serious. Fun Fact: Thompkins has 7 arrests to his credit.

#6 - Huskers

RB Christine Michael (SEA) - While I think the Huskers need to be focused on drafting the best players available, this team seems intent on walking away with at least one RB from their three first rounders. If Bell gets some positive news regarding his foot then the Huskers might be inclined to take him, but for now they buy a lottery ticket in Michael.

Mr. Glass The Llamas war room? Yeah, you don't want to go in there.

#7 - Llamas

RB Le'Veon Bell (PIT) - Gibby doesn't get the memo in time from Kevin that he wants nothing to do with Bell and his slide ends here. If Bell can get healthy by Week 4 or 5, the Llamas could have a nice little lineup going. Bell also makes sense because he pairs well with the brittle Kenny Britt, Danny Amendola, and Demarco Murray. Is Mr. Glass coaching this team?

#8 - Huskers

WR Cordarrelle Patterson (MIN) - Patterson is off to a huge start this preseason and appears to be further along in his development than expected. Kevin glady grabs Patterson and instantly starts texting me different lineup configurations for the Huskers.

#9 - Beans

WR Tavon Austin (STL) - Bobby grabs the speedster and maybe one of the most dynamic playmakers in the draft out of West Virginia. The Beans are desperate to get players to fill out their starting lineup and they can plug Austin in Week 1.

#10 - Boys

WR Keenan Allen (SD) - After the top nine players are gone, the draft becomes a free for all. Danny Woodhead could get taken by the Boys to back up Ryan Mathews and I wouldn't be shocked. Allen is still having trouble getting through his knee injury, but once he does he will be a solid NFL player. Chris grabs him and hopes for the best.

#11 - Beans

QB Kirk Cousins (WAS) - Knowing Nick will pounce on Cousins to hold him hostage later in the season if RGIII were to get injured again, Bobby is forced to grab the second most important back-up QB in the league. I could also see the Beans taking a flier on Johnathan Franklin here.

Kirk Cousins Reminder: don't sleep on (or with) Cousins (cousins)

#12 - Orangutangs

RB Jonathan Dwyer (PIT) - With Dwyer slated to share the workload in Pittsburgh and doing a good job of running away with the job in the preseason despite weighing in at 260 pounds to start training camp (don't worry, he has already dropped 25 lbs!). The 'Tangs are in "win now" mode and grab a player they think can help them do that.

#13 - Eaters

QB EJ Manuel (BUF) - The Eaters trade down, pick up an extra first round pick and still get their man. Very successful move, Kurt. Manuel has played very well so far and with a solid coaching staff and some good players around him, he really has a chance to be a successful NFL QB. It wouldn't be a surprise to see Manuel go in the top 10 at this point.

#14 - Mallards

TE Tyler Eifert (CIN) - With the Mallards not sold on Kyle Rudolph being the answer to one of their biggest problem areas over the years, they get someone who will be able to push him and hopefully turn some of those zeroes into 2's.

#15 - Chickens

TE Zach Sudfeld (NE) - Sudfeld is making quite the name for himself in Patriots training camp and at this point I would be shocked if he wasn't drafted in the first round. Its looking like he has played his way into a significant part of this offense even when Gronk comes back from clubbing in Vegas.

#16 - Chickens

WR Markus Wheaton (PIT) - Nick drafts what he hopes is Mike Wallace 2.0 in Wheaton. While Wheaton isn't quite the burner Wallace was, he can run a better route tree but it might not matter as Big Ben will likely be getting battered again by an O-line that can't pass protect.