Postcards from Camp: Big Boys

Steve Dugas, Draft Guru

August 13, 2013

Postcards from Camp


The 2012 season was a great success for the Big Boys as they posted their first winning record since 2006 and narrowly missed the playoffs by a mere 8 points. Had they made the switch to Andy Dalton a little sooner they would have easily made the playoffs. Chris has an interesting group of players here. Most of them don't get you excited, but they get the job done and seeing them on the schedule always makes you sweat a little knowing that Eli Manning could have a 4 TD game or the Boys might start Dalton and have him hook up with AJ Green for 3 scores.

Dalton and Manning "How's your wife and my kids?"

Critical Question

Who starts at QB for this team? Eli Manning and Andy Dalton have become the latest QB controversy in the YFFL. Manning is more talented, but last year he failed to match Dalton's production. Eli is bound to have a better year and will likely never put up three straight goose eggs again; he had never even done it in back to back weeks before last season. Chris will likely start the season trying to play the match-ups before settling on one guy by Week 5.

Player to Watch

Lamar Miller, RB MIA - After a quiet rookie year, YFFL second round pick Lamar Miller is generating a ton of buzz down at training camp. He's been called a workhorse and it's been said he'll be given a ton of carries. The Boys certainly hope so - they desperately need one of their seven RBs to break out and produce an 80 point season.


Eli Manning, Ryan Mathews, Lamar Miller, AJ Green, Steve Johnson, Owen Daniels, Robbie Gould, Isiah Pead


While things seem to be looking up for the Big Boys, things rarely work out that way. Teams that always think they are about to take off end up taking a step back and that's what I see in store for the Big Boys in 2013. While brighter days are ahead, they'll have to wait until 2014 to experience them. The divisional games are just going to prove too tough. The Big Boys win the same number of games as the Dragons, but end up in 4th based on points.


5-8; 552 Points; 4th Place NFC East