Postcards from Camp: Cuban Refugees

Steve Dugas, Draft Guru

August 08, 2013

Postcards from Camp


The 2012 YFFL season was like any other for the Refugees. They started out 1-5, then made their traditional second half run by ripping off five straight victories to get to 6-5 and had the whole league talking. Unfortunately for Refugee fans, reality set in as they got blasted in their last two games 137-69 to just miss the playoffs. While the running game for the Refugees was a huge disappointment last year, they were able to take solace in the fact that they unearthed a franchise altering QB in Colin Kaepernick. In just 5 YFFL games, Kaepernick has already proven he is the best QB in town since Brian Griese.

Rob Gronkowski The Refugees need to minimize the amount of time Gronk spends in Zubaz Pants if they want to make the postseason

Critical Question

What kind of production will the Refugees get out of their running backs? Not even my buddies over at Rotoworld know what to expect from this bunch this year, ranking each of them anywhere from 15 to 42 among running backs. MJD is supposedly healthy and I would give him the best shot at cracking 60 points this year. Chris Johnson would tell you his O-line couldn't push a row of folding chairs out of the way, even though those chairs would probably tackle him anyways. Lastly, Chris Ivory is always brimming with potential but is once again nursing a nagging leg injury.

Player to Watch

Rob Gronkowski, TE NE - At the moment it looks like Gronk will start the season on the PUP and miss the first six games of the year. Once he is back in the lineup, just the sheer sight of Gronk and Kaepernick will have opponents worried about them scoring a combined seven TDs every week.


Colin Kaepernick, MJD, Player formerly know as CJ2K, Hakeem Nicks, Golden Tate, Rob Gronkowski, Matt Bryant, Chris Ivory


This team will have a chance any week that Gronk and Kaepernick are in the lineup. If Gronk misses those first six games, it should put the Refugees in quite a hole and set them up nicely for their trademark 2nd half run. However, it will be the RB's that let this team down at the end of the season. Combined with WR's that didn't step up to help carry the load, the Refugees miss the playoffs.


5-8; 550 Points; 3rd Place AFC East