Postcards from Camp: Hoochie Llamas

Steve Dugas, Draft Guru

August 08, 2013

Postcards from Camp


Somehow the Llamas finished the 2012 season with a winning record despite being the lowest scoring team in the league. Unfortunately for the Llamas, that wasn't the biggest story about their team in 2012 - no, it was that fateful night that they spoonfed the Chickens the YFFL Championship. Gone were Brees and Graham, the two cornerstones of the franchise and in return they got a speedy WR, an injury prone RB, 6 cans of PBR, and a gift certificate to Pat's Pizza. Sure, Brees was going to keep the Llamas in a perpetual state of .500, but trading Graham left the whole league scratching their heads. In another controversial move later on in the season, the Llamas acquired Ryan Tannehill even though Steve Dugas thought he had made an offer that he in fact had not. Tannehill showed well last season and has come on strong during the offseason, so it looks like the Llamas have found their man.

Kenny Britt Team practical joker Kenny Britt has been lightening up training camp with his hilarious antics

Critical Question

Will the depth of the Llamas WR corps be up to the task of playing in a run and shoot offense? The Llamas have a stable of capable WR's on their hands and if they play to their potential, the Llamas should be able to hang with their opponents most weeks.

Player to Watch

Danny Amendola, WR NE - Nobody questions Amendola's talent, but whether he can stay healthy for an entire season is a big question mark. I think Amendola has suffered from some freak injuries; it's not like he has been pulling muscles left and right...he's had bones collapsed in through his lungs. Amendola is a sneaky bet to pull off a 90 point season in what will surely be another productive offense led by Tom Brady.


Ryan Tannehill, DeMarco Murray, Danny Amendola, Chris Givens, Kenny Britt, Coby Fleener, Greg Zuerlein, Mike Wallace


With some improved health and maybe a little luck with the #7 draft pick, the Llamas should be feisty and competitive this year. However, they ultimately fall short of the playoffs and have to settle for 4th place in their division. Look for both of Kevin's teams to bottom out this year and for GM Ryan Gibbons to be working the back channels to find an owner to work for who isn't overreaching and constantly involved in the day to day management of the team.


4-9; 529 Points; 4th Place AFC East