"Brock" & Roll

Bobby Sansone, Senior Writer

December 02, 2003

When the dust cleared from a wild week 13, three owners found themselves with two teams in the playoffs, Steve Dugas and the Merry Men were left pondering what went wrong, and a white rookie running back from Boise St found a place in YFFL infamy.

Hereís a running diary of the events that lead to the madness:

Sunday, October 26, 2003 - The Thugs sign the Bears third string RB Brock Forsey, unaware that he is white.

Thursday, November 27, 2003 - MVP Candidate Ahman Green struggles against the Lions and finishes the game with 57 yards rushing. A relieved Steve Dugas eats Thanksgiving dinner peacefully.

Friday, November 28, 2003 - Anthony Thomas comes down with pneumonia just 48 hours before kick-off; Brock Forsey named starter.

Sunday, November 30, 2003 12:12 PM - Thugs owner Bobby Sansone, in a bold move, elects to start Forsey over Moe Williams at the UT position. A confident Steve Dugas asks, "Whoís Brock Forsey?"

2:21 PM - Moe Williams scores one of his trademarked "1-yd TD runs" as Sansoneís decision to bench Williams apparently backfires. A confident Dugas uncharacteristically, turns off the Vikings game and tunes into the Colts-Pats game.

2:24 PM - Merry Men TE Dallas Clark breaks his leg and is done for the season. A still confident Steve Dugas yells to Sansone "Chalk up a zero for Dallas Clark!"

3:01 PM - Merry Men kicker John Kasay misses his 3rd FG of the day. Moments later Thugs kicker David Akers would boot his 4th FG of the day.

3:39 PM - Brock Forsey scores on an 8-yd TD run capping off a gutsy 10-point performance. Dugas shows no emotion.

4:04 PM - The Cardinals lose 28-6 and Jeff Blake and Anquan Boldin combine for 0 points. Dugas begins making his lineups for next week.

4:11 PM - In garbage time, with his team down 48-17 and less than 2:00 minutes remaining in the game Daunte Culpepper goes over 300 yards passing. Dugas sits back and relaxes knowing he still has McAllister and Alexander going in the late game.

4:19 PM - Edgerrin James canít get in from the 1-yard line on three attempts. Sansone adds up the scores after the 1:00 games, Thugs lead 23-19. With only David Boston left, a victory seems unlikely.

4:25 PM - Seahawks have 1st and Goal at the 1 yard line. On any other Sunday this is an Alexander TD but Hasselbeck goes play-action fake and finds Ituli Mili in the back of the end zone. Dugas is pissed but still confident.

5:05 PM - Dugas checks and sees the Thugs have 29 points. Sansone added up the score wrong and Thugs had a 29-19 lead after the 1:00 game! For the first time, Dugas breaks a sweat.

5:10 PM - Aaron Brooks scores a 2-yd rushing TD. McAllister has just 2 points at halftime. Dugas begins to ponder life without fantasy football next weekend.

5:15 PM - Sansone leaves house, all but conceding defeat.

6:06 PM - Doug Flutie finds David Boston for a 32-yard TD pass, indirectly giving the Thugs eight insurance points. Dugas runs out of Pepto Bismol.

6:18 PM - Aaron Brooks scores his second rushing TD of the game as McAllister is held without a much need TD. Dugas adds up the Thugs- Merry Men score for the 47th time, Thugs lead 37-34.

6:28 PM - Sansone returns to the house as Dugas says "I hope the three of you have fun in the playoffs."

6:46 PM - Jerry Porter, stuck on 49 yards receiving, catches an 8-yard pass bringing the Merry Men within one point of the Thugs.

6:47 PM - Porterís catch is called back on an offensive holding penalty. He would finish the game with 49 yards receiving for the third time in 5 games. Dugas contemplates eating the mouse poison in our basement.

7:01 PM - Trent Dilfer takes the snap and kneels as the Seahawks end the game and the Merry Menís playoffs hopes are dashed. Dugasí eyes roll back in his head. Greg Dugas is called to perform CPR.

3:31AM - Dugas wakes up in a cold sweat realizing that Brock Forsey prevented him from making the playoffs.

Monday, December 1, 2003 - Dugas checks himself into local mental institution. Plans to stay until 2004 YFFL draft.