2013 Mock Draft 1.0

Steve Dugas, Draft Guru

August 01, 2013

For the time being this looks to be a poor draft class. Part of the problem is the lack of elite QB's, which really hurts the overall depth of the whole draft and not just the first round. Most teams will look to draft based more on positional needs rather than the best player available, since this will be such a crapshoot. Sure, some guys look good right now, but that could be more a product of the fantasy analysts needing something to talk about. If I had to guess, I would say this draft class will turn out very similar to the one from 2007. A few studs will emerge and the rest will be duds with maybe a starter or two mixed in here and there.

Giovani Bernard A lifelong White Guys fan, it would be a dream for Giovani Bernard to get drafted by his favorite YFFL team

#1 - White Guys

RB Giovani Bernard (CIN) - The White Guys start things off by grabbing one of the top RB's in this class. Bernard was slated for a 3rd down role to start, but he is already drawing steady praise from coaches and will likely be a three-down workhorse by Week 4. Bernard is one of three players I'm identifying as can't miss from the 2013 YFFL draft class.

#2 - Brothers

RB LeVeon Bell (PIT) - After a couple successful seasons in 2010 and 2011, the Brothers find themselves back near the top of the draft in 2013. This team is aging fast and doesn't really have a position of strength, so they will go after a RB with a clear path to a three-down role. Bell isn't an explosive runner but he is efficient, gets what is blocked and has soft hands out of the backfield. Pittsburgh plans on making him the starter from day one. The Brothers only have two draft picks in the first four rounds, so starting to turnover this roster could prove difficult; they will likely be willing to listen to offers to either unload players for more picks or move down for more picks.

#3 - Eaters

RB Montee Ball (DEN) - If it's the first round and the Eaters aren't thinking TE, then we all know they are going RB. Montee Ball has gotten off to a rough start in camp but he should rebound as he gets more reps and builds a little confidence. Any RB playing with Manning is always dangerous and productive, as most defenses are more worried about the passing attack. The Eaters have to be disappointed that there is not an elite QB to take with this pick.

#4 - Market Thugs

WR DeAndre Hopkins (HOU) - That "YEE HAW!!" you just heard in the distance was resident Texan and apparent oil tycoon Bobby Sansone. He is thrilled to get the best player available in this draft class. It also doesn't hurt that Bobby is subjected to the Texans every week and this will give him a rooting interest outside of his backup QB Matt Schaub. Hopkins has drawn many comparisons to Roddy White and that would be a career worth having.

#5 - Dragons

WR Tavon Austin (STL) - The Dragons have a huge hole at WR and they attempt to fill it with Welker clone Austin. While Austin is dynamic with the ball in his hands and he should get plenty of catches and yardage, it remains to be seen if he will score many touchdowns as the Rams passing attack may search out larger targets when they are down in the red zone. There might be better long term prospects, but the Dragons are built to win now and take the player most likely to make an impact in 2013.

Zack Morris Lacy or Stacy? YFFL Draft conundrum or Zack Morris plot device?

#6 - Market Thugs

RB Eddie Lacy (GB) - Lacey is the pick for the Thugs, who cash in their draft pick acquired from the Refugees. Lacey might be one of the trickiest players to figure out in this draft. He dominated the SEC last season, but he has a toe issue and is competing for snaps with fellow rookie Jonathan Franklin. If the Packers commit to running the ball and Lacey's talent rises to the top, the Thugs could potentially have a core in place of Luck, Hopkins and Lacey and be in position to have a several year run atop their division.

#7 - Llamas

RB Zac Stacy (STL) - Under orders from the Huskers to leave Cordarrelle Patterson alone, Gibby is left to do his favorite thing: acquire Rams players. Zac Stacy is a talented player with strong leadership qualities. The problem is that he landed with a team that currently has a mess at the RB spot. Once you get past the first five or six players this year every pick will be a crapshoot, so why not take a flier on the Ram RB?

#8 - Huskers

WR Cordarrelle Patterson (MIN) - Kevin lands the last of the three players I consider sure things. Patterson is a physical freak on par with Julio Jones. He is capable of becoming a top 10 WR in the NFL, but the YFFL team drafting him will have to have some patience as it may be a year or two before Patterson makes an impact. Christian Ponder and his noodle arm will really hold Patterson back from reaching his potential. When the Vikings finally find Daunte Culpepper's replacement, Patterson will take off.

#9 - Beans

WR Justin Hunter (TEN) - All the players available at this point all have about the same appeal. Looking at the list, it's hard to really get excited about anyone. Sansone will consider taking Kirk Cousins here, but ultimately decide to try and wait another round. Hunter is a terrific talent but has landed on a Titans team that has a crowd at WR and a QB that might turn around and throw the ball towards the wrong endzone. Hunter has been in the Rotoworld news all offseason for all the wrong reasons. Position Coach Shawn Jefferson has been verbally abusing him non-stop. Hopefully for the Beans this is just coach speak and they are just trying to get the most out of a talented player.

Jay Bilas Steve likes Robert Woods' big bodied, polished route running. Jay Bilas raves about his upside and wingspan. The Boys can't go wrong.

#10 - Boys

WR Robert Woods (BUF) - Chris nearly selects Tyler Eifert but realizes at the last second that Eifert is on the Bengals and he already has most of the Bengals skill players. So instead he selects Robert Woods, who has been standing out in training camp. Woods is a big bodied, polished route runner who came from a pro-style offense. He should be able to contribute right away in Buffalo where they are looking for play makers.

#11 - Beans

QB Kirk Cousins (WAS) - No point in risking missing out on an insurance policy for RGIII. Bobby knows Cousins is going to land a starting job in the not too distant future in the NFL and that there was no way the Merry Men wouldn't have blocked the Beans with one of their second round picks, so he covers his bases and gives the Beans the peace of mind they need. Cousins played very well last year and is easily the best QB available this year.

#12 - Orangutangs

RB Jonathan Franklin (GB) - Jon traditionally drafts based on what position is needed the most. This year it's RB. He takes the best one left and takes the risk that Franklin earns a role in Green Bay. There were a couple of interesting WR's left on the board, but the 'Tangs have a nice trio already in place, so they role the dice with Franklin. It's too bad Franklin didn't land in a better situation with a clearer path to carries, as he is capable of carrying the load for an NFL team.

#13 - Buddies

WR Keenan Allen (SD) - Allen was a first round NFL talent, but he dropped due to a knee injury that has continued to linger into the summer. Allen is capable of being a long time YFFL starter if he can get healthy and stay healthy. Mike practices a "best player available" approach at all times and Allen fits the bill here.

Christine Michael A dummy with a girl's name? The 2013 YFFL Draft, everybody!

#14 - Eaters (VIA TRADE)

QB EJ Manuel (BUF) - Kurt shocks the crowd when he announces that he has made a trade with the Mallards, who are drafting from the Mercy Hospital Birthing Center. The Eaters trade their 2014 first round pick for the Mallards pick and do so to select EJ Manuel to be their QB of the future. Manuel has a NFL QB build and passes the "eye test". He was an accurate QB in college and he has a pretty good set of wheels. He probably has a 68% chance of succeeding at this level.

#15 - Chickens

RB Christine Michael (SEA) - With few needs outside a backup QB, the Chickens pick a RB that has a girl's first name. Michael is said to be the most talented RB in this draft, but also a complete idiot. He could be a star in two years or could be stocking shelves at BJs. This is a total boom or bust pick and since he is going to the Chickens, the odds of being a boom just went to 90%.

#16 - Chickens

WR Aaron Dobson (NE) - The defending champs can keep on gambling and this time they do it with Dobson. Dobson could be the first New England drafted WR to make an impact since Terry Glenn. At the end of the first round Mike announces that if both of these picks don't earn Pro Bowl honors by 2014 then Nick is fired as GM.