YFFL Cold War Brewing...

Bobby Sansone, Senior Writer

September 18, 2012

The trade that rocked the YFFL late last week may have been the first unofficial "official" shot fired in what appears to be the YFFL's version of the Cold War between Nick Wood and the Chunky Chickens and Steve Dugas and the Fightin' Mallards. Nick (USSR) has been engaging in military grade weapons trade talks with foreign adversaries (Ryan) for months now and when the trade was announced the rest of the world was shocked, including Steve (USA).

USSR Chickens These mysterious posters have been cropping up all over Stamford, CT

Nick will likely tell you differently but this trade was all about getting more weapons than Steve and the Mallards. There is no other team that comes close to rivaling the Chickens. Nick sensed he was inferior to the Mallards (the ascent of CJ Spiller and Stevan Ridley likely accelerated that notion) and to put it politely, bullied Ryan (Canada) into a trade that somehow included a rising superstar in Jimmy Graham and flash in the pan Ryan Fitzpatrick.

I don't know if I would have made that trade unless Phillip Rivers was part of it, but it appears that Nick has other plans with Rivers, which should add a compelling twist to this Cold War. Rivers leaves the Chickens with one last trade piece and more importantly, neutralizes the Mallards' Big Ben. Steve's one major mistake over the past couple of years has been what to do with Big Ben. As his trade value continues to diminish, he now has less leverage since teams like the Refugees, Eaters and Llamas all one sprained ankle away from having no starting QB can contact the Poop (Cuba), Chickens or Mallards for a QB. Before this trade, it was really just Brian and Steve with multiple QB1 talent.

Currently, the YFFL is the Chickens, the Mallards and then everyone else. Mike and the Buddies (China) are patiently waiting to jump back into the YFFL elite but he appears to be a few years away. The "World Champion" Thugs (Japan) are in a similar position.

So the next big question is who makes a move next? I am not expecting one this week, but the loser of the Chickens-Mallards match-up this week will be sitting at 1-2 in a deep NFC Conference. Can they afford to hang on to Rivers and Big Ben at 1-2? Probably not.

Also keep an eye Brian Davidson and the Poop. If things get out of hand quickly he might have to make a decision on Brady/Newton sooner rather than later. And the smart decision would be to deal surprise! The Golden Boy Tom Brady. Can Brian trade one his all-time favorite players? He already passed up on a deal that would have sent Cam Newton to the Beans for the #2 pick, which could have been RGIII or Trent Richardson. Instead, he held onto the pick and drafted Justin Blackmon at #5. Brian won't be scorned twice.