2012 Mock Draft(s)

Steve Dugas & Nick Wood, Draft Guru and Padawan

August 22, 2012

What's better than one mock draft? Two mock drafts! Steve and Nick take a look at picks 1 thru 16 and what might transpire Sunday afternoon.

#1 - Thugs

Andrew Luck Wasting no time, the Thugs negotiated Luck's contract during the Fiesta Bowl

Nick: QB Andrew Luck (IND)
Bobby gets his franchise man. Although, it would be more fun for the future of the Chickens/Beans rivalry if he was a Bean - the games could finally be competitive again.

Steve: QB Andrew Luck (IND)
While the Thugs already have 3 QBs on their roster, they cannot pass up an opportunity to get the best QB prospect in 14 years. Luck is so good he could be a top 10 NFL QB by the end of his first season. All Bobby has to do is settle on who he wants to keep around for a backup QB and he is set at this position for at least the next 10 years.

#2 - Beans

Nick: QB Robert Griffin III (WAS)
Richardson's injury woes have practically forced Bobby into rooting for the Washington Redskins and taking RGIII. We thought rooting for the Jets was depressing, but now the Redskins too? No wonder he and his wife Marcy frequent so many wine tours during their DINK-hood.

Steve: QB Robert Griffin III (WAS)
As much as it pains Bobby to pass on Trent Richardson, Kevin Kolb and Shaun Hill are not getting the job done for the Beans and they need to land a franchise QB. With Ryan Tannehill looking like a solid prospect, the Beans might roll the dice and pass on RGIII and try and grab Tannehill at #10. If I was the Beans, I would go with the more sure thing and take RGIII.

#3 - Eaters

Nick: RB Trent Richardson (CLE)
Kurty's first ever selection in the YFFL draft should be simple; figuring out whether Richardson is going to stay healthy is not so simple.

Steve: RB Trent Richardson (CLE)
Kurt Willette will step to the podium this weekend and call Trent Richardson's name. I'm sure Chris has made it clear to Kurt that whenever possible he wants the top rated RB drafted on the Eaters. Richardson's outlook is currently clouded by a third knee procedure in the last 8 months, but his potential is too good to pass up.

#4 - Buddies

Nick: RB David Wilson (NYG)
Mike knows relying on a number of players from terrible teams is not a recipe for success, so Doug Martin is not an option. David Wilson, who is behind only the fragile flower that is Ahmad Bradshaw, is part of a successful franchise and his production will reflect it with the Buddies.

Doug Martin Doug Martin: special player or special player?

Steve: RB Doug Martin (TB)
Mike is the first one to face a tough decision in the 2012 draft as he needs to choose between taking the next best RB or grabbing the first WR. The Buddies could use help at both positions, but in the end they decide to go with a three down back on a team with a head coach that would never throw another foward pass if he could win games that way.

#5 - White Guys

Nick: RB Doug Martin, (TB)
Aceto loves the fact that he'll get a starter here to pair up with the recovering Peterson and make him think he's got a playoff contender on his hands. Now if he only knew who to start at QB...

Steve: RB David Wilson (NYG)
Aceto finally breaks a 4 year run of selecting QBs in the first round as he selects David Wilson of the Giants. Aceto has been seen in recent weeks at the Manhattan Downtown Athletic Club having dinner with Giants O.C. Kevin Gilbride; I would imagine he has been pumping him for information about the Giants' newest weapon on offense and has liked what he has heard.

#6 - Poop

Nick: WR Justin Blackmon (JAX)
We all think Bri probably should take a RB here - just look at his roster and you'll agree. However, Bri's after long-term talent on his roster and he believes that does not come from the ever so delicate RB spot. He's also been rumored to be petitioning Jon to allow him to not have to start a single running back and go with a five wide receiver set.

Steve: RB Kevin Smith (DET)
The first big shocker of the draft belongs to Bri as he does everything in his power to win now. Brady isn't getting any younger and Bri knows he will never get into Canton without a YFFL Championship on his resume. Kevin Smith is the lead back on one of the most explosive offenses in the NFL and he played great down the stretch last season, but did deal with a few bumps and bruises along the way. If Smith stays healthy the Bear cross the finish line in the AFC East turned around backwards and laughing in the faces of the 'Tangs, Llamas and Refugees.

#7 - Boys

Nick: TE Coby Fleener (IND)
Chris isn't afraid of taking a TE this early in the draft. He's done it in the past and Fleener appears to be in-line for some quality numbers with Luck under center.

Coby Fleener Good news: Coby Fleener was accepted into witness protection to shield him from Steve's prying eyes. Bad news: They changed his name to "Lance Kendricks"

Steve: RB Isaiah Pead (STL)
Chris is so torn about what to do with his first round pick that he has not been able to submit his cuts yet. Does he go with his heart and select Coby Fleener and continue his torrid love affair with the TE position, does he grab one of the top rated WRs, or does he take a chance on a boom or bust RB in Isaiah Pead? Hearing Jeff Fisher compare Pead to Chris Johnson ultimately seals the deal and Chris takes the last of the top RB prospects.

#8 - Llamas

Nick: RB Isaiah Pead (STL)
Gibby and the Llamas need running backs. Pead is a good long-term option with Steven Jackson getting older. Did I mention that the Llamas really need running backs?

Steve: WR Kendall Wright (TEN)
Kevin and GM Ryan Gibbons virtual high five using the face time feature on their iPhones as the top two WR prospects in this year's draft drop to them. Kevin tells Ryan that he wants Blackmon, making the decision an easy one for Gibby to make. With a knucklehead like Kenny Britt already on the team, the Llamas are now covered with his fellow Titan teammate.

#9 - Huskers

Nick: WR Kendall Wright (TEN)
Not sure what has Kev more excited: his fridge full of Sam's Octoberfest, mail addressed to him from an OBGYN or the fact that Kendall Wright fell into his lap at #9.

Steve: WR Justin Blackmon (JAX)
Kevin is so excited that Blackmon has dropped to him that he jumps up, throws his fists in the air and inadvertenly knocks Annie in one of her eyes. The accidental injury causes lots of stares and whispers from neighbors and fellow grocery store patrons over the next few weeks as they all decide Kevin is guilty without knowing it was just an accident. Annie becomes so embarrassed she refuses to leave the house until the injury is healed and forces Kevin to deal Blackmon for pennies on the dollar.

#10 - Beans

Nick: WR Alshon Jeffery (CHI)
Bobby's a believer in Jay Cutler, so much in fact that he's wishing he never let him go in the first place. The best way to get close to Cutler again is through his wide receivers and Alshon's a good one.

Steve: TE Coby Fleener (IND)
Knowing the Mallards are salivating over the fact that Fleener has almost dropped into their laps, Bobby swoops in and grabs him just as the Mallards finish typing his name into their queue. With the impact rookies drying up, Bobby grabs one of the last elite prospects. Fleener might not get off to as fast a start as the Beans would like, but the arrow for his career is pointing straight up. Fleener getting paired in the NFL with his college teammate makes this pick a homerun.

Lauren Tannehill "Um, yeah... I can totally get your picture with that 'mallard' Lauren..."

#11 - Mallards

Nick: QB Ryan Tannehill (MIA)
Steve loves looking at Ryan Tannehill throw the ball while the rest of us love looking at Tannehill's wife on Hard Knocks...I guess that's a win-win.

Steve: QB Ryan Tannehill (MIA)
With Fleener snatched from their outstretched arms, the Mallards quickly regroup and decide that they would rather add to their QB depth than reach for a RB despite the fact it's the biggest weak spot on the roster. Tannehill has shown he has the tools to succeed in the NFL but he likely wont reach his potential until the Dolphins bring in some talent at the WR position. The Mallards are happy with the pick as it will allow them to potentially move a QB later for a player they need.

#12 - Dragons

Nick: WR Reuben Randle (NYG)
Jon's in need of some depth outside of New England at wide receiver and he's getting one here.

Steve: RB Rashad Jennings (JAX)
With MJD still holding out and Jennings tearing up the preseason, the Dragons grab him to bolster their RB stable. Gore is aging quickly and a replacement is needed. Even if MJD returns, Jennings has likely carved out a significant enough role to make an impact when the Dragons insert him in the lineup.

#13 - Refugees

Nick: QB John Skelton (ARZ)
Is John Skelton really going in the first round? Word on the street is that Aceto is not willing to part with much talent on his team to solidify the QB position and he's already gone down the Cleveland QB road with Colt McCoy, so this is his only option to get a QB who starts in the NFL.

Steve: QB Brandon Weeden (CLE)
Does Aceto find his man in Brandon Weeden? It's possible, but unlikely. With new ownership taking over the Browns, Weeden and the current management might not be long for Cleveland. Aceto's hands are tied as he likely would not be able to land another starter by the time his next pick rolls around. Weeden does have some potential and he was very good in college, but Cleveland is where talent mysteriously evaporates - it must be the lake effect.

#14 - Chickens

John Skelton Outfitted with a "rocket" arm and superior downfield "vision", John Skelton 2.0 is ready to prove his 1st Round worth

Nick: WR Michael Floyd (ARZ)
Since T.O.'s departure from the ballclub, the WR corps of the Chickens has not had enough head cases. Baldwin was a good addition last year and Floyd adds to it this year.

Steve: WR Brian Quick (STL)
The Chickens grab Brian Quick as Round 1 begins to wind down. Quick is rising up the Rams depth chart and is expected to be Bradford's #1 target sooner rather than later. Quick has been compared to Terrell Owens (in skill and size, not mental stability). Michael Floyd is also a possibility, but he is currently in a free fall akin to Jonathan Baldwin last year. Quick has a quicker path to targets than Floyd and has a more settled QB situation.

#15 - Orangutangs

Nick: RB Ronnie Hillman (DEN)
Jon's got McGahee and he's on the wrong side of 30, so finding his suitable backup would make sense. Plus, outside of Jacob and Miles, Jon just loves the name "Ronnie". Who doesn't?

Steve: RB Evan Royster (WAS)
Jon keeps his veteran RB theme going as he jumps on the newest 6 Flags roller coaster, "Mike Shanahan's Lucifer Coaster of Hell". Royster has looked terrific in the preseason and played well at the end of last year as well. Enjoy the ride Jon, once you get on, you don't know how long it's for.

#16 - Merry Men

Nick: RB Kevin Smith (DET)
Steve loves him some Lions!

Steve: WR Alshon Jeffery (CHI)
The Merry Men have depth issues at both RB and WR but opt to choose from the WRs still kicking around at the end of Round 1. The Merry Men spend about 8 minutes fretting over who to take as they are on the clock and Mike is harassing me to the point I can no longer remember my name. In the end I mumble something that sounds like "Jeffery" and Jon submits the pick.