First and Eight

Bobby Sansone, Senior Writer

November 20, 2003

A few more playoff spots will be determined this week but with extremely tight playoff races in each conference, there will be plenty to play for next week.

First - Poop at Llamas

The Llamas have done away with the “Play to Lose” mentality this year and are trying to sneak into the playoffs even if it costs them a chance at Eli Manning, Roy Williams, Kevin Jones or any of the other highly sought after offensive players in the 2004 draft. With the Poop this week and the Gooks next week, the task will be tough. The Llamas can put up 40 points but not any more than that which means that they will have to hope for the Poop to have two consecutive off weeks. The Poop, coming off their first loss since Week 2, should be ready for a playoff drive. The emergence of James Jackson gives Davidson more options than just the Run 'n’ Shoot and Steve McNair is ready to make one final MVP push. Santana Moss has scored 54 points in the last 6 weeks and should continue his scoring binge in Week 12.

Poop 52 Llamas 25

And Seven - Huskers at Beans

The Huskers hopes of making the playoffs are just as slim as the Llamas. They will have to win out, get help from their rival Chickens and outscore the Beans by 19 points over the next two weeks. Chad Pennington has been phenomenal but may have arrived on the scene too late. Priest Holmes must have a big game to neutralize the 4 Chiefs Bobby Sansone plans to start. Hines Ward is questionable which might shift the Steelers passing game to Beans WR Plaxico Burress. This game should live up to its billing and will likely come down to players such as Tiki Barber, Derrick Mason, Jeff Wilkins and Clinton Portis

Huskers 48 Beans 44

Six - Chickens at Brothers

The Brothers have won 10 straight but now they are facing adversity for the first time all season. RB William Green’s YFFL season appears to be over following his suspension and domestic violence incident. The Brothers badly want to win this game in order to make next week’s potential NFC Championship preview meaningless. In a surprise move, Kelly Holcomb will get the start over an unproductive Brad Johnson. Davidson refused to say who he would turn to in the playoffs but sources close to the Owner of the Year candidate said the move could be permanent. The Chickens, barring an absolute miracle, won’t be going to the playoffs this season and will likely address their QB and WR situation in the offseason.

Brothers 53 Chickens 44

Five - Buddies at Merry Men

Out of the depths of the always competitive AFC West, the Merry Men have vaulted back into playoff contention. They likely need to win both of their remaining games which shouldn’t be too tough but the Merry Men have come up empty a few times this season including an 11-point performance in Week 6. The Buddies have to hope for monster games from Randy Moss and Cory Dillon and solid performances from Torry Holt, Chris Chambers and Warrick Dunn. With the recent struggles of Marc Bulger, Kurt Warner could see playing time as Mike Martz is usually quick to pull the trigger on QB changes.

Merry Men 59 Buddies 34

Four - Eaters at Thugs

In a way, this game is meaningless for both teams. The Eaters were eliminated from the playoff contentions last week and the Thugs only need to win next week in order to win the division. They will likely lose the tie-breaker with the Merry Men if they finish with the same record so all out-right division title hopes will come down to Week 13. The Eaters have had horrible luck all season but have a solid future in front of them. Brian Westbrook appears to be a legit fantasy RB while Matt Hasselbeck is solid at QB. The Thugs will start the up and down Jeff Blake again but as always, Ahman Green is their team MVP and only player (besides Garcia) with more than 55 points.

Thugs 47 Eaters 35

Three - Dragons at Mallards

The Dragons, somehow at 4-6-1, can all but clinch the NFC East title with a win over the lowly Mallards. With a commanding 42 point lead and a game up on the second-place Boys, the Dragons are the best of the worst division in fantasy football. The Mallards appear headed to the Stupor Bowl but do have Doug Johnson back this week as he is starting for Atlanta.

Dragons 30 Mallards 18

Two - Gooks at Refugees

The Gooks have had an amazing run in the second half of the season but they likely need to win out and get help from other teams to make the playoffs. The return of Jake Plummer has turned this franchise left for dead just a few weeks ago, into a legitimate Super Bowl contender. The Refugees could play spoler...or they could pack it in for the season and lock up that Stupor Bowl appearance.

Gooks 61 Refugees 12

One - Boys at White Guys

Aside from the Chickens, the league’s two biggest disappointments square off in a game that will struggle to break double digits. Perhaps the only matter of significance in this game is to see if Brett Favre can catch Trent Green for the NFCs starting QB spot in the Pro Bowl. Interesting but not surprisingly, Favre is the only player in the NFC East that has a remote chance of making the Pro Bowl.

Boys 20 White Guys 13