Postcards from Camp: Hoochie Llamas

Steve Dugas, Draft Guru

August 15, 2012

Postcards from Camp


The Llamas missed the playoffs for the first time in years after reeling off 4 consecutive divisional crowns. All the years of late draft picks and the 3 first rounders dealt for Drew Brees is starting to take its toll on their roster. The Llamas have an aging and injury prone group, a fact that has been hidden by the stellar play of Brees and Jimmy Graham. Kenny Britt was also picked up by the police for a 9th time since joining the YFFL - this time he tried to drive drunk onto a military base. GM Ryan Gibbons was not impressed, to say the least. The Llamas are heading into the draft at a complete crossroads; it will be interesting to see which direction they turn.

Kenny Britt Not using the "Nashville" filter on this Instagram photo was just another crime in Kenny Britt's storied history

Critical Question

Do the Llamas trade Brees? Brees has become the new Peyton Manning, a player so good that he alone will put 5-7 wins on the board each season. Brees was nearly dealt to the Mallards last season and has heard his name in trade winds with the Chickens all summer. The Llamas are open to moving him and getting things started over, but in a conference as bad as the AFC, they've got to be thinking they are one player away from another playoff run. As the Refugees know, all you got to do is get in and you never know how far you will go.

Player to Watch

Kenny Britt, WR: Seriously, this player is being watched: GM Ryan Gibbons is conducting 24 hour surveillance on Britt in hopes of keeping him out of the slammer. Gibbons also always travels with a car trunk of cash for when Britt does slip his tail and needs to be bailed out.


Drew Brees, Draft Pick, Draft Pick, Andre Johnson, Danny Amendola, Jimmy Graham, Adam Vinatieri, Draft Pick (Britt will be missing a good chunk of the season due to a looming suspension)


It's not looking like it's going to be a very fun season for the Llamas in 2012. Britt is facing a lengthy suspension, Johnson is already dealing with a nagging injury and could be dealt at any moment, and they have no one to run the ball. One of the more interesting subplots will be how Brees and Graham perform given that Sean Payton will not be around this season. If Brees is to stay in town all season and into the future, the pressure is on Gibby to nail this draft.


5-8; 527 Points; 3rd Place AFC East