Postcards from Camp: Cuban Refugees

Steve Dugas, Draft Guru

August 14, 2012

Postcards from Camp


The Refugees finished up 2011 with their 4th straight 7-6 campaign and just snuck into the playoffs once again. The Refugees closed out the season with 3 straight wins and it would have had been 5 straight if not for a 65-63 loss during rivalry week to the Big Boys. It was no coincidence that the Refugees turned their season around when Chris Johnson began to play better after missing training camp in a contract dispute with Wall Street kingpin Anthony Aceto. Ultimately, the Refugees ran out of gas when Colt McCoy was knocked into the new year a few weeks early during the YFFL divisional playoff round and they were forced to play the Merry Men with no QB and a trip to the Super Bowl on the line. It almost didn't matter that the Refugees had no QB as all-world TE Rob Gronkowski was scoring as if he was the QB. Gronkowski scored in double digits what seemed like every week enroute to shattering the TE single season scoring record and moving up more than 50 spots in the all-time career scoring for a TE.

Rick Pitino "Brian Griese is not walking through that door, fans. Jeff Blake is not walking through that door, and Kerry Collins is not walk- ...actually, you never know."

Critical Question

What does Aceto do to address his QB need? Brian Griese and Jeff Blake are the greatest QBs in franchise history and neither of them have been contributing since 2002. If there was ever a year to not go 7-6 and just eek into the playoffs, 2011 was it. I think Aceto needs to make a bold move and land the franchise QB the island people of Cuba have been clamoring for. No Matt Schaubs, no Matt Cassels, and no Ryan Fitzpatricks. Go after Drew Brees, Big Ben, Cam Newton or RGIII. You could probably get Bri drooling if you offered Gronkowski and a 1st for Newton or toss out a Chris Johnson for the #2 pick and see if Bobby bites.

Player to Watch

Maurice Jones-Drew, RB: Another year, another RB holdout for Aceto - this must be getting old. After seeing how long it took Chris Johnson to get into football shape last year, Aceto must be getting nervous as his workhorse continues to sit at home working on his resume for his future at the NFL Network. Jones-Drew is one of the most overworked RBs in the NFL and he likely only has one or two more years of production left before he drops off a cliff. Next to Jason Elam, Jones-Drew is one of the most beloved players in franchise history along with being one of the greatest draft day steals (3rd round). Could Jones-Drew be wearing another YFFL jersey sometime this season?


No Idea, Chris Johnson, Maurice Jones-Drew, Hakeem Nicks, Darrius Heyward-Bey, Rob Gronkowski, Matt Bryant, Benjarvus Green-Ellis


The Refugees have some good players, but also have no QB. Sure, they could get Brandon Weeden with their first round pick, but they really shouldn't be grabbing another Browns QB that is unlikely to be the solution. There are several available QBs to trade for and all should be explored. It might cost what seems like a key piece now, but down the road the price will be worth it. There is no way Gronkowski outscores all but two RBs and WRs in 2012 and without another gargantuan season like 2011, the Refugees are unable to sneak into the playoffs yet again.


4-9; 482 Points; 4th Place AFC East