Postcards from Camp: Memphis Brothers

Steve Dugas, Draft Guru

August 08, 2012

Postcards from Camp


The Brothers got off to a hot start in 2011 but injuries and a couple of tough losses to end the season cost them a playoff spot and a shot at the YFFL Championship. The Brothers saw Jamaal Charles, Darren McFadden and Fred Jackson all go down with season-ending injuries and the loss of three key players was just too much for this team to overcome. 2012 finds the Brothers in much better shape. All their players are healthy, Carson Palmer has looked sharp in practice, and Jordy Nelson will look to build on his breakout performance from a year ago.

Injured! Bri wishes he could have hit the reset button on his 2011 season

Critical Question

Are Carson Palmer or Jay Cutler good enough to win a YFFL Title? Jay Cutler is a talented QB but he has spent much of the past two seasons with his butt firmly planted in the ground thanks to Mike Martz's system. With Martz now gone and reunited with Brandon Marshall, it might allow Cutler to return to be the rising star that the Brothers traded for. Carson Palmer is also on the rise. He looks reinvigorated in Oakland and once again loves football now that he is no longer stuck in Cincinnati. If one of these players can emerge as a 160-180 point player the Brothers might finally be able to make a title run.

Player to Watch

Jordy Nelson, WR: After giving the Merry Men nothing for three years, Nelson exploded for 15 touchdowns in 2011. Can he continue this torrid pace in an explosive offense or will he regress to a more normal 6-8 TDs in 2012? Should Nelson continue to play at an 80 point level, the Brothers are going to be a very tough team this year.


Carson Palmer, Darren McFadden, Jamaal Charles, Steve Smith, Jordy Nelson, Jermaine Gresham, Draft Pick, Fred Jackson


Despite lacking a first round pick in this year's draft, the Brothers are poised for big things in 2012. I think the stars finally align for Bri and the Brothers make a run that lasts all the way to the Super Bowl. All its going to take is a little health for this talented roster; they've suffered too much bad luck recently for it to continue. The Brothers win the division by a full two games and represent the NFC in Week 16.


9-4; 602 Points; 1st Place NFC West