Postcards from Camp: Mexican Humping Beans

Steve Dugas, Draft Guru

August 01, 2012

Postcards from Camp


The Beans head into the 2012 draft having only won one game in 2011 and only three games the previous two years combined. With Bobby controlling the YFFL media he has managed to pull this off quietly and he has not taken nearly as much grief as he would be dealing out. Apparently the Texas heat has been more than some Beans from Mexico can handle. The Beans are ready to bounce back at this year's draft after being burned by several recent trades, most notably the Felix Jones for LeSean McCoy fiasco. In place is likely superstar Julio Jones. It also helps that Andew Luck is about to hear his name called "Austin Style". These two should prove to be the foundation of a much improved Beans team. Sansone is also holding another pair of solid draft picks in the #10 and #17 picks. With a deep and talented draft class he should be able to land at least one more immediate starter with those two picks.

Andrew Luck and RGIII Good news guys, Bangers is open!

Critical Question

Who has the best BBQ in Austin? Is it Bangers which just opened up this past week? I've heard their pullled pork is excellent. And with over 100 beers on tap this sounds like a great place to be. Is it Lamberts Downtown BBQ, known for their ribs? Or is it Franklin BBQ, who gets an amazing smoke ring in the middle of their brisket? Figuring out who has the best BBQ in Austin will be critical to the Beans' success in 2012.

Player to Watch

Lance Kendricks, TE: The much maligned TE was a preseason star that faded before the humidity of August had even given way to the leaves changing color. I was all over Kendricks and even tried trading up to get him. Kendricks was flat out horrible in 2011. He will need to bounce back in 2012 as the Beans will need to be able to count on averaging 4 points a week out of the TE spot.


Andrew Luck/RGIII, Shonn Greene, Mikel Leshoure, Julio Jones, DeSean Jackson, Lance Kendricks, New Kicker, Robert Meachem/Draft Pick


Things are looking up for the Beans. They will finally vacate the NFC West cellar and their new draft picks will possibly help them contend for the wild card until the BYE weeks expose their lack of depth. But as Herm Edwards is always reminding the Beans, "We can build on this". Julio Jones is going to have the Eaters kicking themselves for not taking him first overall last year, DeSean Jackson finally has a new contract and should stop "alligator arming" throws across the middle, and Robert Meachem is now the #1 WR in San Diego. The YFFL can't wait for that Week 13 Beans vs Chickens game to start meaning something again.


5-8; 500 Points; 3rd Place NFC West