Postcards from Camp: Memphis Brothers

Bobby Sansone, Senior Writer

August 27, 2003

YARMOUTH, ME – The Memphis Brothers, the laughing stock of the league the past two season, open camp this season mildly improved from last season. With only 2 WRs on the roster, Davidson will hope that either Andre Johnson or Charles Rogers falls to No. 4 in the draft. Aside from WRs, the Brothers are shaping up quietly. Kelly Holcomb is the favorite to win the starting QB job and Davidson is optimistic that William Green and Stephen Davis can become touchdown machines. However, the Brothers play in the league’s toughest division with the Chickens, Huskers and Beans which doesn’t bode well for the rebuilding squad from Memphis.

Biggest Question Facing Owner Brian Davidson

Who to take with the No. 4 pick? With the draft right around the corner, Davidson holds the No. 4 pick which will likely begin the crapshoot. With Charles Rogers, Willis McGahee, and Andre Johnson expected to go 1-2-3, Davidson will have to choose who to take next. Davidson tends to take players he likes regardless if it’s too early in the draft to pick that player. Expect a wild surprise pick at No. 4 overall and because the Brothers have 3 QBs, don’t expect Palmer, Leftwhich, Boller or Hasselback to be a Brother.

Rising Star

Jay Feely. Feely surprised everyone in the YFFL last season by leading all NFL kickers in scoring. He benefits from kicking indoors in Atlanta and from a high-powered offense. Look for Feely to continue his scoring outburst in 2003.

Probable Starters

Holcomb, Green, Davis, McCardell, (Steve) Smith, Lewis, Feely, No. 4 draft pick

Final Observations

Davidson has an unbelievable knack for picking up talent in the draft and the waiver wire which makes me believe he can turn this team around in another year or two. William Green and Stephen Davis each have the potential to score 12 to 15 TDs this year. The Brothers badly need an upgrade at WR and could look to move up in the draft and acquire the Mallards No. 1 overall pick. However, it looks like another 3-win season on the horizon for the Brothers.