(Don't) Remember the Beans

Bobby Sansone, Senior Writer

December 02, 2011

Just how bad are the Beans? Here's some quick reminders:

Baghead The Beans have set a low bar for the rest of the decade
  • With a loss this weekend, the Beans will be 3-21-2 over the past two seasons. THREE WINS IN TWO SEASONS.
  • With 15 points this weekend, only the 2008 Merry Men and the 2010 Eaters will have less total points since the "Charlie Garner" scoring format was introduced.
  • The only players on the Beans roster to score more than 35 points are Shaun Suisham (79) and Kevin Kolb (40). There are 93 players in the league have at least 35 points thru 12 weeks.
  • The Beans are 2 points from being 0-12. Their one win was 22-21 over the Huskers and they also tied the Boys 35-35.
  • The Beans highest scoring week of the season was 37 points in Week 1. Let me say that again: HIGH. 37. WEEK 1.
  • In comparison, the Dragons only had one week below 40 points all season.
  • Lance Kendricks, the Preseason All-NFC West TE, has 2 points. For the ENTIRE SEASON.
  • Julio Jones, taken one spot ahead of A.J. Green, has 2 TDs and 28 points to Green's 6 TDs and 56 points.
  • For those scoring at home, LeSean McCoy is outscoring Felix Jones 216-40 since the infamous trade.
  • Arguably my best player, DeSean Jackson has 28 points. For the ENTIRE SEASON.
  • David Nelson leads the team with 5 TDs if you count all points scored for the season and not just when he started. DAVID NELSON. 5 TOUCHDOWNS TOTAL. LEADS TEAM.

As impossible as it might seem, the 2011 Beans aren't the worst ever. Flip through the 2008 Merry Men's box scores. It's incredible. It almost all zeroes everywhere except for random Jon Kitna, Brady Quinn or Gus Ferrotte 96 yards passing. No wonder I gave Steve so much shit that year.

The rebuilding process will start with a QB. I love Luck, Barkley and Robert Griffin III. Trent Richardson is going to be very tempting at #2 though. I also have the Brothers 1st round pick so hopefully I don't blow that pick too.

I also am going to pursue Jay Cutler in the off-season. I like him and I was stupid to trade him.