Around the League in 1,024 Words or Less

Bobby Sansone, Senior Writer

December 02, 2010

Anthony Hates Mark Sanchez?

Mark Sanchez If it helps at all, Sanchez kinda looks like Tedy Bruschi if you squint...

The best story that no one's talking about this season is Aceto's complete and utter hatred of Mark Sanchez. It's no secret that Aceto hates the Jets, but to take it as far as hating their star QB who was drafted to be the White Guys' QB of the future? Simply perplexing. Sanchez made one start this year for the White Guys, promptly scored 16 points and was sent right back to the bench despite having two prime matchups against the Browns (18 points) and the Texans (22 points). Sanchez for BenJarvis Green-Ellis next summer is all but a done deal.

Owner of the Year Should Not Be Recognized this Year

In the 18 years of the YFFL this has been by far the worst year for owners collectively. You could make a strong case for each owner as to why they shouldn't win Owner of the Year. Oh what the hell, I'll give it a shot:

Mike: Disappeared the second half of the season. The Buddies quickly became one of the worst teams in the league. The Eaters are actually favored this weekend.

Aceto: If anyone even thinks about casting a vote for the owner that didn't even show for the draft, you seriously need to re-evaluate your life. Aceto, coming off his 3rd championship in 4 years, mailed this season in.

Bobby: Set the Beans franchise back 5 years with the McCoy for Jones trade. I was so distraught about the trade that not only destroyed the Beans but helped the Chickens rise from the ashes that I put a self-imposed no trade clause on the Beans. The Beans played half the season with a short-handed starting lineup.

Steve: Nick and everyone else in the league were down on two knees after the draft servicing Steve and the Mallards and anointing them Super Bowl Champs. Steve got complacent and failed to address a weak TE, RB and kicking game. The Mallards quickly became the league's biggest disappointment and will finish under .500

Chris: Worst. Fantasy. Football. Owner. Ever.

Brian: Someone needs to remind him he has two teams. The guy gave up on the Bear after a 2-3 start.

Kevin: Trading Orton at the absolute worst time ever and essentially knocking the Huskers out of the playoffs won't win you too many OoY votes. However, because nearly every other owner was somehow worse, he'll get some first place votes.

Jon: Garrard, McGahee and Stewart were the Orangutangs starting QB and RBs almost all season respectively. I'm not sure if we should be not voting for him because he couldn't improve that via trade/waivers or if we should vote for him for somehow getting 5 wins out this group???

Vinegar Strokes Vinegar Strokes

With Sagging Ratings, Nick Goes on the Attack in "Nick's Picks"

The Nielsen ratings revealed that Nick's Picks only got a 1.3 share after Week 10, so Nick went back to the drawing board in order to get more readers to read his weekly columns. Personal attacks on several owners have been a common occurrence and the ratings have improved each of the last two weeks. Chris Davidson was asked if he was offended by the "vinegar strokes" reference in which he replied, "Nick makes picks? I'll have to check those out."

Chris Davidson Makes It Through the Season Rant-Free

Well, we are in Week 13 and Chris has yet to contribute his annual rant to the forum despite being antagonized all season long. Instead, all the league got was a heart-felt, "In all seriousness, it feels really good." forum post. Damn you Chris, you're not supposed to make us cry with your Jim Valvano-style emotional posts! Make us laugh at you with one of your classic rants!

Kevin and Steve: Fantasy Football Cup Runneth Over?

Google Talk The other propositions were definitely NSFW

If you're not on Google Talk during work hours, you need to seriously reconsider. There's a great love triangle going between Kevin, Steve and the YFFL and it's simply can't-miss entertainment. These two discuss YFFL all hours of the day like my grandmother talks about her soaps. I particularly enjoyed the Monday after the Orton/Tolbert fiasco in which Kevin conveniently wasn't signed in. I feel bad for these guys a few weeks from now when they'll be nothing to talk about except babies. Oh wait, Steve's already started working on his mock draft.

It's Official: Kickers are Idiots

If you haven't experienced any drama with a kicker this season, consider yourself lucky. Here's a recap idiot kicker by idiot kicker:

Jeff Reed Quick, do a Google image search for Jeff Reed.
You're welcome.

Stephen Gostkowski: The Merry Men traded Jordan Shipley, a 3rd Round pick and the waiver rights to Tavaris Jackson (true story) for the Patriots kicker. Gostkowski played in 2 games, converted 0 FGs and went on IR before Steve could even blink.

Mike Nugent: The best part about Nugent getting cut by Cincinnati is that Aceto has no idea he got cut. He started him each of the last two weeks!

Jeff Reed: After being traded to the Beans and dealing a huge blow to the White Guys' playoff hopes, Reed promptly was cut by the Steelers and turned down offers from the Bengals and 49ers and is now doing nothing.

Jason Hanson: Got injured on a FG attempt when a Jets player rolled into his knee. This actually wasn't his fault, but he is still an idiot kicker. Jon fortunately has Dan Carpenter (also an idiot kicker), who put a goose egg in Week 11 in a pivotal division game.

Joe Nedney: Just when you thought the Eaters had run out of players to get injured, Nedney somehow came to the rescue and promptly got injured.

Billy Cundiff: The waiver pick-up to even out the Mallards roster after the controversial Orton and Vinatieri trades, Cundiff ended up costing Steve and the Mallards dearly. Cundiff, narrowly chosen over Schobee, only scored 3 points in Week 10 as the Thugs prevailed 62-61 behind Graham Gano's 4 points.

Nate Kaeding: The kicker that started it all. If he doesn't get injured, the Llamas don't need to trade for Vinatieri and then Steve doesn't need to pick-up Cundiff. The Mallards beat the Thugs in Week 10 and coast to the NFC East title. Thanks Nate!