At the Deadline: Team-By-Team Thoughts

Steve Dugas, Draft Guru

November 07, 2010

With the trade deadline looming and nearly every team still in contention, it could be a wild week leading up to the start of Week 10's games. Steve Dugas takes a look at each YFFL team and decides who are the buyers and who are the sellers.



The Llamas look like they are in good shape and even though they are tied for the division lead they are really in control of that division. However, they do need to pull the trigger and pick up another WR or RB. This team is capable of making it to the Super Bowl and needs to seize that opportunity before they turn into the 2010 Eaters.

Michael Vick Could Michael Vick settle the AFC dog fight?

Potential Targets: Green-Ellis, Reggie Bush, Mike Tolbert, Vincent Jackson


The 'Tangs are having a heck of a run at the moment. Can it continue? Sure, but not unless they make a move. Jon will have to decide if he should just see where this ride takes him or if he should go for it while his team stays hot. What Jon needs is a QB who is going to consistently put up points. A trade that would make a lot of sense would be trading for Mike Vick in exchange for Garrard or Henne and a draft pick. The 'Tangs could also decide that this 5 game winning streak is a mirage and offload some of their overachieving players like Willis McGahee.

Potential Targets: Mike Vick, Green-Ellis, Matt Cassel


The Refugees are a solid team but have had some tough losses. One more loss and they will have a real tough time making the playoffs to defend their title. Aceto could target Mike Vick with a deal similar to the Orangutangs - McNabb and a pick for Vick. The Refugees could also target a player to upgrade their UT spot. However, I think Aceto is best off waiting to see what happens in Week 9 and going from there.

Potential Targets: Mike Vick, Green-Ellis

Bear Poop

The Bear are not really in position to be buyers this year unless they are really confident that a turnaround is coming. The ground game just isn't getting the job done and Brady isn't playing in an offense that requires him to throw for 4 TDs every week. The Bear should probably focus on unloading some of their aging veterans and getting as many draft picks as they can.

Players to Deal: Chad Ochocinco, Santana Moss, Ronnie Brown, Matt Cassel


The Buddies are in good shape with the team they have but they could use some more consistent play from their RBs. They could target some of the "mediocre but having big a year" RBs available but they are probably best off to just stand pat.

Players to Target: Green-Ellis, Mike Tolbert

Market Thugs

The Thugs are rounding into form nicely and all the players are contributing. Blount and Hillis have been great finds and Mike Williams has been very impressive as a rookie. This team does not need to go out and find any players. They could use a back-up QB, but it's not vital. With so many options for the UT spot, the Thugs could afford to deal Tony Gonzalez as they only need one TE.

Mike Tolbert "Is that you, Tolbert? Look, I am hung over, my knees are killing me and if you're gonna pull this shit, at least you can say you're calling from the Yankees."

Players to Deal: Tony Gonzalez

Merry Men

The Merry Men have completed 5 trades so far in 2010, dealing everything that hasn't been nailed down. The trades have worked out well thus far, netting Jeremy Maclin who is enjoying a break-out season, a top 3 kicker in Stephen Gostowski, and an array of draft picks. The Merry Men might not be done dealing. In the past week they have had inquiries about Brandon Pettigrew, Sidney Rice and Mike Tolbert. Even the Llamas have coming calling with their first round draft pick for Nate Burleson but I have had to talk them out of making that mistake again.

Players to Deal: Mike Tolbert

Apple Eaters

The Eaters are off to the worst start in YFFL history and things aren't looking up anytime soon. At one point this season they lost a player to IR something like 5 weeks in a row. The Eaters should be unloading any players that are drawing any interest on the trade market. Reggie Bush, Mike Vick and Kellen Winslow should all be sent packing. I realize it's a lost season and the Eaters don't want to trade their best players, but I think it might be prudent to at least put some feelers out there about Romo and Jackson just to see if the return will help speed the rebuilding process up. Some owners have tried to talk to the owner of the Eaters, but instead of getting a simple "no thanks" email reply their inquiries have gone unreturned. Reggie Bush will probably return as the feature RB of the Saints with Thomas out and he could be a solid addition to a playoff team. Mike Vick is another player who likely isn't in the Eaters long-term plans and trading him now could pay off down the road.

Players to Deal: Don't bother trying, all emails about trades are spam filtered into the trash


Big Boys

Mike Sims-Walker Mike Sims-Walker is one of many WRs the Boys could target to bolster their receiving corps

The Big Boys are enjoying a solid season but could use a small tweak here and there to avoid being one and done in the playoffs. The Boys have made some solid waiver wire moves in getting Steve Johnson and Jon Kitna, but they desperately need a WR. Jabar Gaffney has been okay to date but with 2 points week in and week out, he is better suited to be a backup and bye week fill-in. The Boys might want to talk to the Bear or the Buddies about some of their excess WRs to fill that hole.

Potential Targets: Bear WRs, Buddies WRs, Robert Meachem, Mike Sims-Walker


I'm not sure what to make of what the Dragons should be thinking as the Week 10 deadline approaches. It is hard to say that they could go out and get players for any position that are any better or in better situations than the ones they have. I think the Dragons will hold steady unless someone brings something interesting to them.

Fightin' Mallards

The Mallards have gone from being ready to blow the team up and coming oddly close to acquiring Drew Brees to being "they are who we thought they were". The Mallards have managed to paddle back up stream after going over the waterfall en route to a 1-4 start but are in a situation similar to the Dragons; there's just not a lot of room for improvement. The Mallards are probably better off just holding steady and keeping all of their assets (draft picks and players) and seeing how it plays out with them trying to catch up to so many teams in a very good division and conference. One area that may need to be targeted if things don't turn around this weekend is TE. Moeaki hasn't seen the targets he was seeing earlier in the year and Owen Daniels is going to be fighting injuries all season. The Mallards would get all the help they need if CJ Spiller or Michael Crabtree would simply get the touches they need to be productive.

Players to Target: Vincent Jackson, Tony Gonzalez

White Guys

The White Guys head into the deadline with the same need they seem to have every season: a 2nd running back. The White Guys are getting solid play from rookie QB Sam Bradford and the WRs are playing well as usual; if they can just find a 6-8 point a week RB they can keep pushing for a playoff spot. Mike Tolbert and Green-Ellis make a lot of sense and would take the heat off Peterson, White and Fitzgerald to have a huge game every week.

Players to Target: Green-Ellis, Mike Tolbert

Vincent Jackson Anything less than a championship will be a disappointment for the Chickens; is Vincent Jackson the spark they need for a playoff run?

Chunky Chickens

Here's a team that has got everything going for it. Can it continue? Will LT2 keep it up? Will Marshawn Lynch go into "Beast Mode"? Can Antonio Gates be stopped even if he is being pushed around on the field in a wheelchair? The Chickens are a lock for the #1 seed in the NFC but they might need to find one more player to put them over the top and secure the championship that has evaded them the past decade. Out of all the teams the Chickens are in the best position to target a player like Vincent Jackson who will not be back until Week 12. They can trade for him knowing that they are going to the playoffs and will be able to use him. McCluster, Mike Williams and a draft pick might get the job done and would be well worth the price to the Chickens and might be the type of move that improves the Eaters short and long term.

Players to Target: Vincent Jackson, Green-Ellis

Memphis Brothers

The Brothers have already made their big trade when they landed Vince Young as a bye week fill-in. Without the first rounder to deal, they don't have any players they would be willing to deal and I don't think they could really improve on what they have. Sure, Carson Palmer takes a lot of heat for his poor play, but Bri will take 12 points week in and week out and be very happy. The RBs are playing up to expectations as are the WRs. This team is all set and is the favorite to win the wild card in the NFC.


After getting out to a blistering 3-1 start, the Huskers have dropped 3 of 4 and seem to be fading. I suspect it had more to do with a lack of depth for the bye weeks and the Huskers are going to stay in the hunt for another couple weeks. They have a pivotal matchup this weekend with the Mallards and should they win, they might consider trying to upgrade somewhere along the lineup, although exactly where is hard to say. My guess is that even if they win this weekend they become sellers and try to get something for a player like Brandon Jacobs and try to deal Favre if another team suffers an injury at QB.

Players to Deal: Brandon Jacobs, Brett Favre, Lance Moore, Heath Miller

Humping Beans

This season got flushed down the toilet somewhere along the line. Was it when Shady McCoy was traded? Landing Kevin Kolb? Shonne Greene losing his starting gig? Out of all the moves, I think the LeSean McCoy trade was the worst thing that happened. I was just as skeptical as to what type of player he was going to be and he has proven all the doubters wrong. The Kolb trade will likely still work out as he has looked pretty impressive in stretches this year - he just needs his own team. Shonne Greene will bounce back next year unless LT is actually a terminator sent back from the future. So with this season a wash, the Beans have turned their attention to Bobby's second favorite part of fantasy football: trading (with winning being first). Bobby doesn't value kickers as high as some owners do and has thus far shipped Gostowski out of town. Up next is Green-Ellis and possibly Robert Meachem. Bobby will look to come away from the trading deadline with at least one more 1st Round draft choice so he can try and reload in 2011.

Players to Deal: Green-Ellis, Robert Meachem, Keiland Williams