First and Eight

Bobby Sansone, Senior Writer

October 09, 2003

First - #3 Brothers at #1 Beans

The two biggest surprises in the YFFL this year square off for bragging rights at 48 Bayview St. Apt #2. The Stupor Bowl teams from a year ago have already won more games (4) then they did all of last year (3)! The winner of this game will move to 5-1 and will have an early edge on the toughest division in the league. The Brothers will turn to Brad Johnson who has been incredibly consistent this season. MVP candidate Stephen Davis is the workhorse for this team and William Green appears to be starting his second-half surge early this year. The Beans got the services of Marcel Shipp back this week as he should receiver plenty of carries for the Cardinals. However, the Beans lost Charles Rogers for at least a month which had Sansone looking at a number of receivers including Torry Holt and Amani Toomer. Sansone will turn to Eddie Kennison for now. Expect TJ Duckett to start over Marcel Shipp. This game will come down to special teams as both kickers play on Monday Night.

Brothers 47 Beans 43

And Seven - #2 Chickens at #6 Huskers

The league’s most fierce rivalry resumes this weekend with a lot on the line. If the Huskers lose, they will fall 3 games behind the division leader. A Chickens loss would drop them to .500, certainly a place no one in the league expected to see them all season. Keep an eye on owner Mike Kinsman who is best known for his starting lineup surprises. Could we see David Carr in the starting lineup this week? The Huskers managed just 2 points out of Rich Gannon and Priest Holmes last week and can’t seem to win games if this dynamic duo can’t find the end zone. Kev Sansone is anxiously awaiting the return of Chad Pennington later this month.

Chickens 55 Huskers 39

Six - #7 Dragons at #13 Boys

The two teams that were expected to compete for the NFC East title are doing just that, albeit at 2-3. The loser of this game falls to 2-4 but will miraculously still be in the thick to things in the awful NFC East. Peyton Manning returns to the starting lineup but don’t expect to see Eric Moulds in the lineup as he’s doubtful with a bad groin. The Boys are coming off a 49-point performance led by Janikowski’s 5 FGs. As expected, this game will come down to Favre and Manning.

Dragons 38 Boys 36

Five - #4 Thugs at #10 Merry Men

Drew Bledsoe is 0-2 as a starter this year but perhaps the lousy WR corps is to blame. The Merry Men will get Jerry Porter back this week right when they need him most. Stallworth, Bryant and Reed have combined for only 2 TDs this year. Meanwhile, Jeff Garcia saved his job with a gutsy 18-point performance as the Thugs racked up a YFFL season high 77 points last week. Ahman Green has emerged as the league’s surprise leading scorer and a bonafied MVP candidate. Jimmy Smith will return to the starting lineup in place of David Boston who is on bye. Edjerrin James is still questionable with a bad back. Thugs-Merry Men games are always close and the Thugs still have last year’s 56-53 playoff loss fresh in their minds.

Thugs 46 Merry Men 45

Four - #8 Eaters at #5 Buddies

The Buddies continue to reel off wins in the tight AFC West despite having no QB and a miserable running game. The Buddies are lead by the best WR quartet in the league (Moss, Holt, Chambers, Lelie) as Kinsman believes that these 4 combined with Michael Vick can get him to the playoffs. The Eaters are led by the second league’s most productive WR who had blown up of late, Marvin Harrison. With Randy Moss on bye, Harrison and the Eaters should have a leg up.

Eaters 42 Buddies 28

Three - #9 Poop at #12 Refugees

The Refugees will try to get back to .500 as the Poop will look to avoid .500 in this mid-season match-up. The Refugees could go from last place to first place with at least a 5 point win combined with a Gooks loss. The return of Anthony Thomas could mark a turning point in the Refugees season as they already have as many losses as they had all last year. The Poop have won two in a row and will look to go undefeated in the first round of division play.

Refugees 36 Poop 30

Two - #11 Gooks at #15 Llamas

The Gooks lost Mike Alstott for the season and now are dependent on the absolutely horribele Eddie George and Stacy Mack. If you add together their YPC it would still be under 3.0 YPC. The Llamas would be 4-1 if they had started Kordell Stewart which is very scary.

Gooks 28 Llamas 18

One - #16 White Guys at #14 Mallards

Hard to believe that the Mallards are probably Steve’s best team right now and are in better shape to make the playoffs then the Merry Men. Most of the White Guys are having horrible years including Curtis Martin and Aaron Brooks.

Mallards 24 White Guys 13