Thoughts from the GM: 2010 Draft Edition

Nick Wood, Backyard Sports Icon

September 06, 2010

Okay, so everyone's first thought is that I'm not the only GM anymore. Well, I technically still am for the time being. Gibby, when we see that Kev truly has taken the training wheels off (i.e. you've made a trade or even submited a lineup without checking it with Annie first) we'll think about changing the title to "Thoughts from the First GM" or something.

C.J. Spiller Nick says C.J. Spiller puts the Mallards over the top

This year's draft looked a little different as it was missing two key elements - the bickering of Aceto and Mike versus one another and towards other owners in the league. I think we could have lived with or without Aceto as he has suddenly distanced himself from all fantasy sports in the last year by completely leaving the YFBL, and not even having his teams represented fully at the draft. Perhaps he's lost interest since winning the league three out of the last four years. If work came in the way, we understand, but it seems as though it might not have been the real reason and league sources are looking into what exactly went down on draft night in the Aceto camp.

I think the league will agree that the absence of Mike really aided Steve in his successful maneuvers with the Mallards during the draft. Had Mike been a vocal participant, Steve would have had something to worry about (such as how Mike was going to verbally abuse him in the chat room) and that could have been just enough to keep him from successfully pulling the wool over the eyes of Bobby and the Beans to acquire the #5 pick, which put the Mallards clearly in the poll position for the title chase.

Below, I will do my best to sort out the madness that took place on draft night. I'll point out the highlights and lowlights of the proceedings and give you my first impression on who walked away a winner from the 2010 Draft and who didn't.



"Ridiculously lucky" is my first thought. Bobby essentially baby-spoon-fed Dugas C.J. Spiller like he was his newborn niece Cate. As if he was not already in control of a loaded squad for the 2010 season, Dugas got the player he has had his eye on all along. To give Bobby some credit, he made a great move to acquire the #5 pick, I just think he should have snagged Spiller for himself and given Cutler a chance to learn Martz's offense. To sell out Cutler before the season started, with a team that is full of youth and likely a year away from being a team to consider for a serious run, Spiller made all the sense in the world. He should have taken Sam Bradford at worst if he was that concerned about his QB situation since his team has time to mature. Sure, he thinks he has the next Aaron Rodgers on his hands in Kevin Kolb, but the only way this deal makes sense is if we look back three years from now and that actually happens.


What's the deal with this year's trend of pairing up players with the same last name and in some cases, the same name completely?

Two Tates in Tang-land, two Steve Smiths in Brother-country, and THREE Williams' on the Thugs to go with the 2009 union of the Rice duo on the Merry Men?

Will this help create chemistry for these teams? We'll see.


Many will agree that there were likely a maximum of five (potentially six) impact players in this season's draft class. To be able to acquire TWO of those first four players available, and three of the first lucky 13, is solid work on Kevin's part. With his first pick, he gets a player that many have already compared to CJ2K. The biggest drawback, aside from his concussion issues, is the fact that he plays for the Lions. However, if Steve's magic 8-ball is correct and the Lions do have something in the works on the offensive side of the ball, then watch out as Jahvid may have been the "Best" player in the draft. His other two first round picks have solid upside potential in Arian Foster and Jermaine Gresham. The only worry with Foster is that he's only risen to the top of the first round by what Jon calls "Rotoworld-hype." Kevin hopes Foster makes the best of his opportunity and is not replaced next season by Ben Tate or by another RB Houston acquires in the 2011 draft. Plus, who knows...Derek Anderson could also return to his 2007 form thanks to plenty of solid WRs at his disposal in Arizona.


Leading up to the draft, Chris had his own version of the Gary Wright classic "Dream Weaver" playing on his iPod because dream receiver Dez Bryant appeared to be fully in his grasp. He was the focus and hope of the Boys' future success and his heart raced as he waited in anticipation for the first selection to come across the board. Unfortunately, his dream turned into a nightmare when he saw "WR Dez Bryant DAL" pop-up. However, it lasted for all of thirty seconds before he realized he'd be able to acquire someone else that could "get him through the night" in Ryan Mathews. Now Chris has arguably one of the best young RB stables in the entire league. Plus, two players who are the current #1 WRs on their respective teams fell right into his hands to fill a depleted WR corps. Malcom Floyd fell further than I anticipated and the Boys were the beneficiary, and Jabar Gaffney should suffice for now until Demaryius Thomas gets healthy for the Broncos. Chris should be in a great position by then to swap one of his RBs for a top notch WR. Who knows, he may even find this year's Miles Austin on the waiver wire.



For completing the Steve Smith duo and taking home the sleeper WR of the 2010 preseason in Jacoby Jones.


For putting together a solid young receiver arsenal in Bryant and Golden Tate to go along with Percy Harvin and Brent Celek.



Kevin Kolb Did we mention that Nick did not like the Beans' acquisition of Kevin Kolb?

I think every contending team in the league (aside from the Mallards) are disappointed in the Beans' biggest move. We've covered this from the start and don't need to reiterate the fact that he's given Steve "the yellow brick road" to the promised land. Sure, we'd like to believe that owners in this league look at each of their two teams' situations completely isolated from one another, but that is not reality and Bobby had to have considered the impact that the Mallards' improvement would have on the Thugs' chance for a title in 2010. The rest of the Beans draft was boring and subpar at best; Gerhart, Whitehurst, and McKnight? Rumors are swirling that McKnight may not even make it to Week 1 on their roster. The one bright spot (unless Kolb changes his name to Aaron Rodgers this weekend) was Emmanual Sanders, who has some upside and could be a steal that late in the draft.


Chris has the distinction of being on both sides of the fence in this year's draft. Could a new non-Manning curse be brewing on the Eaters? Just look at what happened less than two hours after his first selection in the draft: Montario Hardesty goes down with a season-ending ACL tear in the final game of the preseason. Chris then contributed to the theory that the Eaters are becoming the YFFL's version of the Raiders (full of misfits and talent busts) by adding Mike Vick and having troubles finding a kicker by selecting Nick Folk, who had already been taken by the Dragons.

White Guys / Refugees

We've already addressed how Aceto bailed on the league during the draft and we've read how Bri called him out on Facebook for doing so. Aside from adding the potential talent of Sam Bradford to his growing roster of quarterbacks on the White Guys, the picks Aceto managed to make look like they are going to set his teams back during their prime title years. I'm not even going to analyze the rest of his selections. It looks like they were done by his intern who was on his way back to college half in the bag to start the draft and passed out drunk by the time Round Three began. I will give Aceto some credit though, the guy works hard in his pursuit to climb the proverbial ladder in the finance world, but it's going to take as much, if not more hard work to overcome the missed opportunities at the 2010 draft. If Bradford turns into a stud QB and Gronkowski is the next Antonio Gates/Dallas Clark, then we're the ones with pie on our faces, but I doubt it.



For reaching too early for Aromashodu when he could have likely landed him in the Second Round. Where is the RB help? Sammy Morris? This team has only one true starter at RB (and he's part of a time share in Miami) and the window is closing on the potential for a title with Brady and Ochocinco getting older.

Merry Men

This argument could be left undetermined for a few years, but was trading away the potential to land Jahvid Best worth it for what turned out to be Jeremy Maclin and Demaryius Thomas?