2010 NFC East Preview

Bobby Sansone, Senior Writer

August 23, 2010

The NFC East has quietly taken on a "Big-Dick Playa" mentality and is ready to toy with the rest of the YFFL. Led by their "DJ Pauly D meets David Beckham" superstar owner Chris Davidson, the NFC East is out to prove they are the league's best four teams in 2010. With names like Adrian Peterson, Miles Austin, Larry Fitzgerald and Aaron Rodgers, the NFC East will have four of the top five teams in points scored and all four teams will finish above .500 or better.

Team Capsules

Fightin' Mallards

The Mallards finally lost their post-season virginity in 2009, but they ended up being "one-minute warriors" by losing their first game. Steve is fired up for another run but an aging, injury-prone backfield has him nervous. Michael Turner and Steven Jackson, two of just a handful of every-down backs left in the league, have to stay healthy if the Mallards plan on coming out on top of this power division. Steve will likely resort to a run 'n' shoot lineup featuring Crabtree, Austin, Calvin Johnson and Colston. Matt Ryan will start the season but Kolb will be the every-week starter by Week 3. Big Ben will be a valuable trading tool in the second-half of the season.

Projected Record: 8-5

Big Boys

The biggest story coming out of the YFFL off-season is Chris Davidson continuing to send a big fat "FU" message to the rest of the league. "He is basically taking a dump on our chest and then making us smell it," said one anonymous owner. Davidson, with his five starting RBs and zero replies to numerous trade requests, isn't done yet. Expect the arrogant Davidson to send a second "FU" to the entire league by drafting Ryan Matthews second overall. He has DJ Pauly D on speed-dial and David Beckham's haircut, so basically can do whatever the $%!# he wants. Look for the Boys to jump out of the gates early before Chris gets lackadaisical, stumbles to a 7-6 record and is out of the playoffs.

Projected Record: 7-6

High 5'n White Guys

Aceto patiently waited as Mark Sanchez fell to him in last year's draft and it could very well pay off in 2010. Sanchez, now surrounded by weapons in New York, should become a viable fantasy QB. If Aceto can grab a quality RB or TE in the upcoming draft, the White Guys will suddenly have the most balanced lineup in the division. Keep an eye out for Alex Smith, who could be a fantasy sleeper with weapons like Vernon Davis and Michael Crabtree. Ricky Williams is a perfect option at the flex position and continues to excel in his golden years. Look for the White Guys to be right in the thick of things in the league's toughest division.

Projected Record: 7-6


The Dragons bid for yet another Super Bowl came up just short last year and caused the rest of the league owners to lose a combined 1,345 hours of sleep contemplating how the $%!# Aceto won his second championship in the last three years. Thanks Jon! Regardless, Jon has proved to the league that he's arguably the league's best owner (if you ignore that other team of his). I'll give you one example why he's the best owner: he traded Brett Favre in the midst of a career year for an under-performing, troubled young TE Vernon Davis. As it turned out, Davis scored a whopping 58 points after the trade and it saved the Dragons' season. The Dragons remain strong and are led by Rodgers, Gore and Davis, but with Welker coming off a serious knee injury, there are gaping holes in their roster. Jon will certainly do everything he can, but don't expect the same success from the last two seasons.

Projected Record: 7-6

Preseason Superlatives

Division MVP

Aaron Rodgers, Dragons

No surprise here. Jon continues to be rewarded for his patience in letting Rodgers develop behind Brett Favre. Rodgers gets the vote here over other superstars like Peterson, Fitzgerald and Austin. Look for Rodgers to finally come through and win the YFFL MVP trophy.

Most Underrated

Thomas Jones, Boys

Last year's "Most Overrated" pick becomes this year's "Most Underrated" pick as the 32-year-old RB shows no signs of slowing down. Last year he only scored less than 4 points twice all season, but he could have trouble finding playing time in the Boys' crowded backfield.

Most Overrated

Calvin Johnson, Mallards

Everybody but me continues to be on their knees for the Lions star receiver. Um, am I missing something? 44 points last year is OK but in the same boat as Andre Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald and Miles Austin? I'm not ready to go that far yet. Johnson has to get to 75 points before I'm unzipping his fly...

Breakthrough Player

Mark Sanchez, White Guys

There's just too much talent around Sanchez in New York for him to consistently put up anything less than 12 points a game. One storyline to watch this year is Stafford vs. Sanchez, the darlings of the 2009 draft. Sanchez might make Dugas regret taking Stafford No. 1 overall. We shall see...

All-Division Team

QBAaron RodgersDragons
RBAdrian PetersonWhite Guys
RBFrank GoreDragons
WRLarry FitzgeraldWhite Guys
WRMiles AustinMallards
TEVernon DavisDragons
KMason CrosbyMallards
UTRashard MendenhallBoys