First and Eight

Bobby Sansone, Senior Writer

October 02, 2003

As the YFFL heads into the second weekend of division play, certain teams will try to establish themselves as playoff contenders while other teams will make their way back down to earth.

First - #5 Eaters at #7 Thugs

This division is so tight and completely up for grabs. All four teams are of playoff caliber and will continue to beat up on each other. A 7-6 record could be good enough to win the division so the first tie-breaker category of “Points Scored” will be critical. The Eaters have gotten incredible production out of the QB position which has more than made up for the least intimidating RB duo in the league of Amos and Emmitt. Koren Robinson has been disappointing thus far but look for him to break out this weekend. The Thugs, one week removed from having just 1 WR available, get Jimmy Smith and David Boston back but don’t expect Smith to start right away. Jeff Garcia, who hasn’t scored since Week 2 is in danger of losing his job as the Thugs have the depth and experience to trade for Marc Bulger. Look for Hasselbeck and Robinson to hook up twice and propel the Eaters to victory.

Eaters 48 Thugs 44

And Seven - #1 Chickens at #8 Brothers

In a surprise match up of 3-1 teams, a red hot Bri Davidson looks to feed off of last week’s success. We had ELIAS Sports Bureau research the last time that both the Brothers and the Poop won in the same week and you would have to go back all the way to 2000 to find that accomplishment. Brad Johnson will likely start for the Brothers but don’t be surprised if Gus Frerotte gets the call at 12:52 EST. Stephen Davis is an early season MVP candidate and should put up big numbers once again. The Chickens are playing well but have virtually been playing without a QB. Combined, Mike has gotten 16 points TOTAL from both the Buddies and Chickens QBs all season yet he has a 5-3 overall record. The three-headed monster of Jamal Lewis, LaDainian Tomlinson and Ricky Williams should lead the Chickens to victory.

Chickens 58 Brothers 36

Six - #3 Huskers at #2 Beans

The Huskers find themselves in an early season “Must-Win situation” if they want to keep pace with the Chickens and Beans. Kev Sansone has settled down since he lost his grievance against the league earlier this week. Husker nation appears to be shaken but a win this weekend would surely revive all spirits. The Beans, on the other hand, are coming off a heart-breaking Monday night loss and are quickly regrouping. Travis Henry and Clinton Portis are still questionable but other players have stepped up like TJ Duckett who will start again this week. Trent Green has been “utterly lame” in throwing exactly 1 TD in each of his first four outings. This game will come down to the Chiefs vs the Broncos, most notably, Holmes vs. Portis.

Huskers 55 Beans 49

Five - #9 Buddies at #5 Merry Men

The Buddies are “$#%*ing things up in the AFC West” according to one AFC West owner who is flying to Chicago later this month for a wild sexual escapade. This has drawn criticism from several Merry Men fans that think the owner’s actions could be detrimental to the team. Nevertheless, Steve Dugas says he will remain focused on fantasy football during the entire trip. The Buddies are anxiously awaiting the return of Michael Vick. If they can be close to .500 when he returns, they have a shot at winning the division.

Merry Men 40 Buddies 24

Four - #11 Gooks at #10 Refugees

Not starting RB Anthony Thomas last week cost the Refugees a win but Aceto says Thomas will be back in the lineup this week in a potentially huge match up with the Gooks. The Gooks, at 1-3, can’t afford to lose too many more games. Jake Plummer to Shannon Sharpe has been deadly but hasn’t produced too many wins. Meanwhile, Patrick Ramsey looks like he has all the makings of a top fantasy QB which has hastened the Refugees rebuilding process.

Refugees 38 Gooks 26

Three - #12 Poop at #15 Llamas

The Llamas are 3-1 and in first place but will struggle to win many more games unless they acquire a QB. The Poop are 2-2 but will struggle to win more games unless they acquire a RB. Something has to give in this key AFC East battle.

Poop 30 Llamas 16

Two - #4 Dragons at #14 Mallards

Look for the Dragons to beat up on lowly opponents in the rotten NFC East in coming weeks.

Dragons 47 Mallards 27

One - #13 Boys at #16 White Guys

In a battle of the two most disappointing teams thus far, the loser will drop to 1-4.

Boys 33 White Guys 28